Runic Power Mode in BGMI ! Comeback again

Runic Power Mode in BGMI: BGMI is one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. It is a Battle Royale game developed by Krafton. After banning PUBG Mobile by the Indian govt., the developers decided to make an Indian server of the game with the same features & events.

Developers always push updates to add more events. One of the recently added modes is Runic Power Mode in BGMI. Though the Runic Power Mode was there in PUBG mobile earlier that time the ban is going on. So players were unable to play that mode. That’s why developers think that to come back this thus players can enjoy the Runic Power Mode in BGMI again.

Runic Power Mode in BGMI ! Come back again

PUBG Mobile, the former game of BGMI, has been banned due to privacy issues by the Indian govt. After that players missed some events & modes which came to PUBG Mobile. One of them is Runic Power Mode. This mode is very interesting to play.

BGMI is currently one of the top fan favorite Battle Royale games in Indian. After the PUBG ban, BGMI took its place. Indians love new updates & modes. As previous Flora Menace mode, Runic Power Mode did its comeback in BGMI. Surely many people maybe haven’t played that mode. So in this article, we are going to explain this mode in our article.

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What is Runic Power Mode? How to play

Runic Power Mode is a special mode that came to PUBG now it’s in BGMI. But the basic gameplay is the same to date with this Runic Power Mode. Let me explain some.

There are 3 types of power that you can rune when you enter the lobby in the Runic Power Mode in BGMI.

1. Wind Rune                2. Flame Rune              3. Arctic Rune

Now, you can select only one of them as your power. But what are the difference between them? Which one is special among them? Here are some explanations

  1. Wind Rune:- Choosing this rune, you will get the power of the wind. You can run a little bit faster with this power. But with a disadvantage, the reloading speed of your guns will take more time.
  2. Flame Rune:- By choosing this rune, you will get the power of flames. You can throw a flame cylinder-like moving object which will damage your enemies in front. In addition to that, the bullets of your guns will damage more to enemies added damage from the flame wheel.
  3. Arctic Rune:- This one is the best power among all, & it’s one of my favorites. You can create a temporary wall to cover yourself. & You can climb many buildings with the help of this ice wall. People use it as a trick to defeat enemies.
Runic Power Mode in BGMI
Runic Power Mode in Battleground Mobile India

So, these are some features that explain Runic Power Mode in Battleground Mobile India. Hope you like the article. Please stay tuned to your website for more amazing updates about BGMI as well as other games.

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