Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite Season 8

Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite Season 8. So guys Fortnite is again there with some of the interesting missions. This time you have to launch Signal Flares. You can earn XP by completing this mission. If you want to complete this mission you are at the right place. We will tell you each and everything in detail that is important to complete this mission. The Flares here means the signal Flares. So in this mission, you have to launch the signal flares as per the requirement. This signal Flares around the different locations so you have to visit the different locations. This mission is not that hard, players can easily perceive this mission.

There is some new edition in the Fortnite season 8 chapter 2 NPC. That is Ariana Grande, she is having some sort of mission for us. One of them is launching the Flares. This is the last mission on her punchcard. So it is the responsibility of the Fortnite players to complete this mission. The most important thing we would like to tell you is that the flares are all over the map. So it is quite difficult to find them in one game. But thankfully you can complete this task or challenge in various matches. There is not any kind of restriction to completing this challenge in one match. So there is no need to worry about that. In total players have to launch three of the flares to complete this mission. These 3 players are in the 3 different locations. As you will interact with the flare it will automatically get launched.

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Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite and Their Locations.

The signal Flares are at various places on the map. But we will tell you the three places for sure. As we are providing you the image below you can see and directly drop down there. There are also two locations we know but we are not that sure regarding that locations. So I will suggest you get a dropdown on the first locations only. You can just get down at the given location and launch the flare also.

These Signal Flares in Fortnite are not that difficult to find. This simply looks like a rocket. Rocket with some of the firecrackers near them. When you will launch these signal Flares they will burn up and go into the sky. They will easily explode and give you the feeling of firecrackers over your head.

Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite
Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite

Locations for finding Launch Signal Flares in Fortnite.

  1. Believer beach at mothership crash site.
  2. In the hills alongside the Lazy lake.
  3. At Dirty Docks
  4. At Craggy Cliffs
  5. Craggy Corner

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