Fortnite Horde Rush Quest Challenge Guide

Fortnite Horde Rush Quest Challenge Guide: So in this article I will be telling you guys some tips and tricks on how to fully complete all the Horde rush challenges in Fortnite Chapter two season 8. There is a ton of points that we need to get and in this article I will showing you guys. How to do that within a matter of few games. Anyways the quickest way to do this is with a friends. Now I know a lot of people want to have friends to play with them. But if you have friends with you. They will party the complete 20 Horde Rush Quest Fortnite. So if you have friends invite them. Because it will help you to complete the 20 of quest of 4 day rush quest.

Fortnite Horde Rush Quest Challenge Guide

Inviting your friends can help you

So if you have friends invite them. If you are playing with randoms you need to complete these challenges by yourself. the can’t help you but it assisted if your friends are in the game. anyway the most difficult challenge here is to earn a team score of at least 400000. And you need to do that in one single game. That is right you need 400000 points in game not in different games like this one the 2 million xp. Where you can do that in multiple games as you can see its progressing. So i am going to show you guys how to do that really really quickly. So lets go ahead and pop into hold a rush and go onto phil.

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If you Want Teammates

And play with random because I know a lot of you will be playing lots of players are doing so already. If you want to try and get a team put your names in the comment section. And try to invite each other and try complete these challenges. To make it more easier.

Fortnite Horde Rush Quest Challenge Guide
Fortnite Horde Rush Quest Challenge Guide

What you need to do?

So I will tell you the weapon that you need. Don’t be picking any shotguns or smogs. I recommend picking up the Miniguns and assault rifles as well. So wish lists your mini guns is on cool down. You have assault rifle that does a lot of damage. You also take some grandes because the challenges is to destroy enemies spawners. So make sure keep an eye on that. Anyway the first round we need to keep out for multi players. Because the teammates usually don’t look out of them and i have in a few games already. So we need to look out for Multiplayer. They are most probably on the outside of the storm. This way is since actually going to be quite interesting. So yeah we need headshots. Also getting more kills after a row in each other. Its help you in towards multiplayer.

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