PUBG Mobile X Dune Collaboration Event ! All you need to know

PUBG Mobile X Dune Collaboration Event.:- Day by day the popularity of PUBG mobile is increasing. The reason behind this popularity is very enormous. Pubg mobile keeps collaborating with other companies or famous movie characters. Yes, no doubt PUBG has the best gameplay in royal battle. But still, the idea of collaboration with others gives PUBG a different fanbase. This time PUBG mobile is collaborating with Dune. Yes, it’s right today on 19th October they have released the collaboration trailer. Many of the PUBG players are excited about this collaboration. Pubg mobile is now coming with some kind of new concept with this collaboration. In this article, we are going to provide you with a brief Idea regarding this collaboration and the outcomes of collaboration. Read the article further for more information.

PUBG Mobile X Dune Collaboration.

Dune is an American movie. As PUBG mobile is leading the Battle royale gaming experience. And it is leading consecutively for some months they must have an idea about the popularity of PUBG. The collaboration of dune with PUBG is for the promotional purpose. The promotion of movies can be done easily with this kind of unique collaboration. All the PUBG players also know about many of the collaborations in the past time done by Pubg. The most important reason behind the lead of PUBG mobile is the regular updates that they bring in the game. These updates keep the players stuck in the game. So they never leave the game also.

As collaborations bring some sort of excitement as well as different rewards for the players. For these rewards, players complete the mission that is given by the developer. To inform the players about the collaboration the officials have released a short YouTube video. In this YouTube video, you can see that some scenes of the Dune movie are featuring along with the PUBG theme also. But this video doesn’t give a brief idea about the events and the missions coming out of the collaboration. But, if you guys are eager for this collaboration just visit YouTube and please see the teaser for it. This teaser is by the official PUBG account on YouTube.

PUBG Mobile X Dune Collaboration Event
PUBG Mobile X Dune Collaboration Event

About Dune Movie

The Dune is an American movie. This movie is totally on science fiction. This movie will be the first part of the 1965 Novel. In the first part of the movie is covering the first book. Also, this movie is featuring Timothee Chalamet a famous actor from the industry. The releasing date of the movies is October 22, 2021.  And it will be releasing in the United States on this date.