New Kaws Skeleton Skin in Fortnite

New Kaws skeleton skin in Fortnite: So fortnite delivers new update regularly for the players in the Fortnite game. And there is one of the biggest updates is happening in the fortnite. In which they are providing a brand new skin. Yes a brand new skin that just dropped in the item shop. The skin I would talk about today is the Kaws skeleton skin. Lots of players are excited about that and some are also there who didn’t even bother about it so.

Details in Kews skin in Fortnite

Now Kaws is like an artist and he also sells a lot of figurines and stuff that is very expensive by the way. Its more expensive than google mon and janky’s stuff like it’s even more expensive then that. So this guys a pretty big deal and happy to see in the game. I jsut kind of wish Fortnite did a little bit more to promote it i guess. It’s only this like there’s no back bling. There’s no pickaxe, no glider, no rap nothing. Fortnite is just like and we will just drop it in the item shop. And I am okay with that I would have liked a little bit more promotion for this but guys let’s see what it looks like in game.

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My views on Kaws skeleton x Fortnite

It’s a little bulky for the head. Not really it’s really not. It’s not really that bad a little things on the side of his head here. I think it’s actually pretty good. I don’t know what wrap i am using the impasto wrap. All right into here taking over for bezo once again and we got another tough outfit for combos. this one has cell-shaded animation but i still favor stuff here to show you.

New Kaws skeleton skin in Fortnite
New Kaws skeleton X Fortnite

Combos in Back bling of Kews

This one looks very clean a lot of them are gonna be for the theme for example this one has the bones here drawn onto the wings. So it makes sense this one is for the color scheme that is black and white and not too bad. This one is easy very clean but like i said see the animation is not on point with the outfit but it still kind of works. You know you have get a really creative with some other combos. The tuna fish can hear cel-shaped animation on it and it doesn’t perfect there because of the grey on it but it all right you can maybe make a theme the blanciga stuff is super clean as expected and easy fuzzy bag for the scheme not too bad this is the closest color that i found to the actual color of the skeleton.

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