BGMI 1.7 Upcoming Upgradable Boat Skin

BGMI 1.7 Upcoming Upgradable Boat Skin : So BGMI’s developer Krafton brings lot of new things time to time. And in BGMI players had seen upgradable gun skin, upgradable car skin and many more. Also players love to see these new updates. And fithin few days a new update of BGMI is coming soon. The update is 1.7 update in BGMI. And in this new update we can see a lot of new things. Also player are eagerly waiting for this update 1.7 BGMI. And the thing we are gonna talk about in this article is the New upgradable boat skin. Yes there will be upgradable boat skin in BGMI. You have heard or seen of many other upgradable things in BGMI. But this it is going to held with boat skin in BGMI. And in this article I will be telling you guys about this Upgradable things.

So first thing we are going to talk abut is the specification of upgardable skin of boat in BGMI. So as far as i heard of this skin, has 3 models of boats that you can upgrade.

First model BGMI 1.7 Upgradable Boat Skin

Then So the first model is methic in blue colour with the stock skin. And it is looking so insane in the stock skin. And so much well design you can see in pink and blue colour. So we can do a lot of upgrades in boat. First we can start with the exhaust available at the back of boat. So what you can do basically is when you accelerate the boat. You can see some blue flames coming out of it that is looking just insane. And while playing your teammates and enemies all would be able to see that skin and flames.

BGMI 1.7 Upcoming Upgradable Boat Skin
BGMI 1.7 Upcoming Upgradable Boat Skin


  • And one more thing you can see at the back is like an ornament of a boat or something else. It is looking as an octopus. Which you can hang to your boat and it will look like floating in air.
  • You can also add some other parts in you front case of your boat. One is with pointed end and same it is looking also so nice. It also enhance your stability of your boat very well. And definitely it will change your boat look.
  • And you can also attach some other exhausts at the side of your boat. It will be available in pink color. That means that you can see pink flames coming out of it.

Second Model BGMI 1.7 Upgradable Boat Skin

The second model that you can see is in pink. So I think that all pink lovers especially girls will definitely going to love that. And some of the specifications are all most same as in the blue model.

BGMI 1.7 Upcoming Upgradable Boat Skin

The third one is in the combination of green and grey and personally I like this one the most and also its rest other specification are also same as the other boards which you can upgrade.