New Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite

New combat Assault Rifle (AR) is insane

So in Fortnite, the combat assault rifle has been added to the game and this could be one of the best assault rifles to ever come to Fortnite. the rumors are that it’s very hard to control. And somebody who has pretty decent assault rifle aim. I have gonna test it out and see it is better than the golden scar. That is better than the burst. And my first weapon out of my first chest is the comp.

Drop rate that held to see in combat assault rifle

The drop rate is kind of high that comes in all rarities including legendary which we will be upgrading to legendary rarity. But I have a feeling. I am gonna really like this assault rifle and you as well.

features in combat assault rifle

Let’s look at the thing of the combat assault rifle. The damage which can you see is 22 and the fire rate is 9 magazine size 35. Real-time 3.2. So it’s got a pretty hefty wheel of time at the green. Kind of standard but a little bit longer honestly. I think than the normal scar. The fire rate is what really sets just it apart to compare it to an SMG. The fire rate is 11. Then a green assault rifle is 5.5. And fire rate is going to be consistent from a greenhouse or a green assault rifle to a legendary. It’s gonna have the same fire rate across the board the only thing that’s gonna increase the damage and the reload time is going to decrease. But 35 bullets is more than 30 bullets you typically get.

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Recoiling in combat assault rifle

So when you start spraying this thing first of all it’s got pretty decent first shot accuracy but not the fastest that green may be at higher levels. So I feel like I can control this thing though. This is probably the highest skilled gun in Fortnite because there’s a not lot of recoil in this.

Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite
Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite

The problems that can be faced by the controller

This not might be not so cool for controller players because I don’t know how much harder is to control recoil on the controller. And I don’t know how sticky the aim assist is gonna be. I feel like a really good mouse and keyboard player is going to be able to make this work really well ass is there an upgrade station here. I don’t think how risky an upgrade thing to be a legendary rarity. Because that is what I want to see the recoil on the legendary rarity. I want to see the damage output and I want to see how the stats get changed to keep in mind.

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