Genshin Impact Quest- Take a Photo of Ruin Murals

What is actually genshin impact is?

Genshin Impact Quest Take a Photo of Ruin Murals: Genshin impact is an open world action role playing game. Developed by the MIJO. The creators of the hit mobile game honka impact 3 being MIJOs second the second IP. In world called cave at certain individuals chosen by the gods are given a vision. Magical gemstones that give them ability to control an element. The player sets out as a traveler of unknown base. Who is searching for a lost sibling.

The player can choose whether he want to play as a female or male traveler. As the game progresses the player controls several other characters. Who met by the traveler in his journey. Each with unique personalities and special abilities. As they under take quest to understand the truth about the primordial gods.

Quest in genshin quest and challenges

So recently there is a new update that is Genshin impact 2.2 update. And also there is a new world quest which the players can see. The name of the quest is “The saga of Mr. forgetful.”  There are so many challenges as always. So today we gonna talk about one of that challenge from the The saga of Mr. forgetful quest. And teh challenge we gonna talk is “Take a photo of Ruin murals”. So definitely in this article I will be telling you about this only. That how you can Complete this challenge.

The thing you need “peculiar pinion”

So for the objective to complete you will need this peculiar pinion gadget. To have this gadget you  have to complete the anothjer quest that is ‘Octave of the Maushiro’ world quest.

Genshin Impact Quest- Take a Photo of Ruin Murals

So to complete this task follow the steps that are given below:

  1. The first thing you have to do is jump from the Shirikoro peak undreground. And the moment you have jumped and you landed there. You have to turn left before going through the door. Then you should have to take a left turn and go down way. Then you will see a wall. And on the wall you will notice a thunder bird picture on it. And this is the moment where you need the peculiar pinion gadget. So you have to just use that weapon. This will lead to reveal a secret room.Inside the secret room. You will be able to see many lighting strke strobes. The Mural is on the ceiling of this room.
  2. And after the first step is done  then go through the first doors in the shirikoro peak underground. Then you have to go a room on the left side. This is the place where you can find the mural.
  3. And like the same way as you have dome in second step you then have to go in the room that is on right side.
  4. Then go through the second door in the Shrirkoro peak. Then turn right to see mural on the wall.
Genshin Impact Quest- Take a Photo of Ruin Murals
Genshin Impact Quest- Take a Photo of Ruin Murals

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