Ragsy Punchcard Location Quest Fortnite – How To complete

Ragsy Punchcard Location Quest: Recently a lot of players have the issue in completing the ragsy punch card quest in Fortnite season 8. So if you are among them and If you want to know how to complete the ragsy punch card quest in fortnite season 8. And after that you must read this article.

Ragsy Punchcard Location Quest

So fortnite has recently added a new NPC name ragsy and it either be on number 22 or number 23 in your collection book. So the ragsy are here in the game and In this article I will tell you guys how to rescue this. Its the location between the corn crops and park. It will be spawning some where here reboot fan. So this will be the location to start the new quest challenge one.

So before going up to the ragsy quest in Fortnite. you should do one thing. There would be a freezer and you have to just open it and there will have the chance of having the shield fish.

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First challenge

So the first challenge is to ” purchase a shield item from a vending machine” So right here you will not find any vending machine. Yes so you might go up on the blue location where you can find the vending machine. So get self a car and go up there. And when you get there you have to find the vending machine. And you know what you have to do. get out of the car and buy the shield form the velding machine. So after completing the quest you have don’t your first quest and then you can have the 30 XP. And you can go on to the next one.

Second challenge

So the second quest is “consume both a small shield potion and a shield fish. So now you have already purchased your small shield potion. And you just need to have the shield fish. So first of all we need a fishing rods. That you can have from the cred location. So tehre you will can easily find the fishing rod just take one. And get yourself to have a shield fish. You need to just start fishing and find your shield fish. An Ethernet your second challenge will get completed.

Third challenge

And for the third challenge you have to harvest stone from sideways rocks. So for this we have to go sideways. Total 50 to complete the quest. So while completing make sure you bring the shield as you might have it later. So now just look for rocks and harvest 50. It will take a huge time but it will get completed.

Ragsy Punchcard Location Quest
Ragsy Punchcard Location Quest

Fourth challenge

So as for challenge number 4 you have to use a shield item in the sideways. So its so easy just have a shield and have it in the sideways.

And that would be enough for completing the quests and the other you can do it by your own.

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