New World Server Transfer Update Release Date

New World Server Transfer Update: So today I had a new news about the new world game. We are back with a bit of news. If you remember around launch time they had said something about free character transfers because of all the queue times and things like that. Well there is some information update on that topic just recently. So we are gonna go ahead and dive into that and see exactly what all of that entails. So in this i will tell you some updates related to Server transfer in New world.

What they had told?

So starting from the top here we have our team has been working incredibly hard to get this feature test. Just said bu them. To place where we are confident that it will perform exactly as intended. While we want everyone to find their long term home in a tournament as soon as possible. We also want to ensure that the process is seam less and ready for everyone to use. And that’s good I’m glad that they are taking their time with that because the lat thing we would want is servers transfer release date to come out and it’d be a disaster and just buggy and glitchy. All over so that would not be good.

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Server token

So continuing on it says during testing  we uncovered some edge cases where transfer experience does not meet our standards for the release that means we will be taking some extra time to get these issues resolved before we will confirmed that you feel comfortable giving everyone their server token. So it’s good that its free. I like that its token too. This means we might see more of that in future.

FAQ’s and the contribution of the company

So to keep everyone updated and sure players know what to expect we want to answer some of the top questions. We have seen on how the server transfer will work and then we have down. Here it says How do I do transfer my character. You will be need to log in your character. Which means waiting in any applicable cues. Got o the in game store where there will be a new tab to claim your character transfer. You need to leave your company and you need to remove any active trade post sell orders and buy orders. And you character must be located in a sanctuary as a settlement or an outpost.

New World Server Transfer Update Release Date
New World Server Transfer Update Release Date

So that’s a little bit of criteria that’s easy to fulfill there the whole leave you company thing that make sense because you are gonna be migrating to another server. This is the thing I believe.

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