FFIC 2021 Grand Finals Tournament Free Rewards Free Fire

FFIC Grand Finals Tournament Free Rewards: Free Fire game is one of the top-grossing battle royale games globally. The game company Garena provides several updates to improve the game a lot. Players are so active in this game that many esports organizations organize tournaments for this game.

One of the recent tournaments is our all favorite FFIC Grand Finals tournament. It is going to be live on Youtube on 17th October 2021 as per the announcements. The organizers going to giveaway some cool pieces of stuff as a free reward. There will be characters & some skins. Let us check out what we know about the event in a detailed view.

FFIC Grand Finals Tournament Free Rewards

Free Fire game is currently ruling the mobile gaming community. Players seriously took the game that organizers organizing tournaments for the game itself. One of the upcoming events is FFIC Grand Finals Tournament 2021.

To make this trending, the organizer decides to do live streaming of the tournament. Surely there will be a giveaway for you all. If you watch the live stream on youtube you might get rewards. But there are some conditions to get free rewards. Let’s check out what are the conditions for that event.

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Conditions to get free rewards in FFIC Grand Finals 2021

  • We need to reach the live view count of the channel 400k or 4 lakh views. If we all watch it on youtube, there is a chance we get items free.
  • After completing the milestone 400k, we will get a gold coin to redeem rewards. You will get the gold coin for free.
  • With the gold coin, you can redeem only one item. Yes, you hard it right. Only one item you will get.
  • The items are-
  1. Skyler – a permanent character item
  2. Beaston – a legendary pet skin
  3. One-Finger Pushup – a permanently free emote
  4. M4A1-FFCS – a permanent M4A1 gun skin
FFIC Grand Finals Tournament Free Rewards Free Fire
FFIC Grand Finals Tournament Free Rewards Free Fire

So, these are the all items that we can get it free. Of course, you can choose only one. So choose it wisely from FFIC Grand Finals prizes.

And lastly don’t forget to watch FFIC Grand Finals on youtube. Watching this together we can get it, otherwise not.

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