Casual Mode in PUBG Mobile | All Details

Casual Mode in PUBG Mobile: Player Unknown Battleground: Pubg is getting a new update with a number of new features. New features include New survivor pass, new weapons, and a new casual modes that is supposed to add in the new update of PUBG mobile.

Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG): Pubg mobile is the most loved Indian mobile game. Pubg is developing and publishing by Pubg Corporation.

Pubg mobile is a battle royal genre game. It is an online multiplayer game that is base on previous mods that were created by Brandon green for other games.

Pubg was first released for Microsoft Windows in March 2017. No proxies are available on Android iOS Xbox One PlayStation 4 stadia-like platforms.

Also, Pubg mobile accumulating ban billion downloads as of March 2021 and grossing over 4.3 billion dollars on mobile devices as of December 2020.

Casual Mode in PUBG Mobile

The casual mode of Pubg has already out for PC. From the 16th of September, players can download new casual mode on consoles. In this patch, 13.2 Pubg is going to add new weapons, a new throwable blue zone Grenade, new vehicles, and a new Mode To the game named casual mode.

Now Pubg is planning to introduce casual mode in Pubg mobile. The casual modes of Pubg mobile has the same features as the casual mode of Pubg PC. Here We will discuss what is coming out with the new casual mode and what features we will see in casual mode.

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Features of Casual Mode in PUBG Mobile

P90 submachine gun is a most waiting weapon in Pubg mobile. This gun is Also coming in this patch 13.2. P90 submachine gun only available on drops.

Also, a new throwable Grenade is coming with patch 13.2. The Grenade has a specification that when it is tossed, the blue zone grenade does 10 damage per second to any unfortunate player.

Hyundai pickup truck is also adding in this patch 13.2. The place can I only get this vehicle in tango map. The new Porter Hyundai pickup truck will replace the UAZ.

Casual Mode in PUBG Mobile

But the most interesting thing is that a new mode is coming to the game ie casual mode.

Casual mode is simply adding to the Pubg, to increase player combat skills and provide training to the players in real PUBG Warfield.

The casual mode allows players to warm up from away the main game mode. The casual mode can hold a maximum of players. In casual mode, you can earn XP and bp rewards by playing with other players.

Players can only play 3 matches per day in casual mode. The casual mode only takes place in erangel map. Casual mode has support for past missions event missions battle status bp rewards and XP rewards etc.

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