Free Fire One Tap Headshot Setting

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Setting: Free Fire game is currently one of the popular battle royale games in India. The reason behind the popularity is that the game runs smoothly on low-end devices. Garena provides more & more updates to make the game even smoother. They have recently launched a better version of the game named- Free Fire Max for high-end users.

But the thing is many users play the game smoothly but they may lack some improvements in their gameplay. To give a  headshot to the enemy considers a skilled player. Every Free Fire player wants to win the match right? If you could connect a headshot in Free Fire that may a game-changer to that match.

Do you want to learn to headshot the enemy by just one tap or easily? Here we are going to discuss some points that might help you to do that.

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Free Fire One Tap Headshot Setting

To learn how to give a headshot to the enemy, you must follow some tips & tricks correctly. We are here going to share some of them. Follow this step by step otherwise, these may not work properly.


Settings to learn One Tap Headshot

It is all about the rotations of the character & the Fire button.

  1. Press the fire button & hold it. Then swipe right & drag it to the upper side along with the left.
  2. The same goes in the opposite direction. Holding the fire button, drag it from the left side to the upper right side
  3. You can connect headshot via straight also. Just pressing the fire button, drag it to the upper side.
  4. The opposite works the same as well. Holding the fire button drag it to the downside.
  5. Drag the fire button upwards while holding it. It increases the chance of headshot in Shotguns.
  6. If the enemy is on the right side, then drag the fire button just like “V” to connect the headshot.
  7. For left side enemies, drag it to left side “V” which works the same.
  8. Swipe to right corner while holding the fire button gives headshot to right side enemy.
  9. For the left side enemy swipe left holding the fire button.
  10. Also, Jump & headshot is a famous trick to one tap headshot.

So, these are the works to connect One Tap Headshot in Free Fire. Maybe this may help you to connect headshots properly.

Free Fire One Tap Headshot Setting
Free Fire One Tap Headshot Setting

One thing to note is that, If you can connect the cross-hair near the head, the aim assist of Free Fire easily detects headshot. So if your aim is not the proper head, try to focus it near the head. This tip may help you.

Stay tuned to us for more amazing tips like Free Fire One Tap Headshot Setting. Thank You.

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