NBA 2K22 Pick Dodger Badge – Full Details

Pick dodger badge in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 Pick Dodger Badge: Toady in this article I will telling you guys about very special topic that is pick dodger badge in NBA 2K22. So every NBA 2k22 player love to pick that dodger badge. And in this I am showing you some tips and tricks to pick dodger badge in NBA 2K22.

Why you need dodger badge in NBA 2K22

So lets get started with the dodger badge description and it says it improves the player ability to navigate through screens effectively on defense. Now what I can tell you all from I was testing this badge out throughout the week. I was just stucking to lot of screens especially when you know I would not play sides. I would play like one on one and getting through those screens. Its damn near impossible to stay in front of your defender.

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NBA 2K22 Pick Dodger Badge
NBA 2K22 Pick Dodger Badge

The main Problem without the Dodger Badge

When you know there is a big body dude and he’s just setting screens. And you know what i mean without badge. It really takes a toll on your stamina bar as well and you know you just keep go on stuck into your brick wall. And stuff like that without the badge life is hell. If you are trying to go one on one like that but when I did run with bronze. I noticed a lot more slip animations where yo can gonna stuck to the screens.

And I would like to go around him or go under you know whichever way we play it but It would notice a lot more slip animations and then of course when you slip you don’t get hit with screen as hard. So your stamina bar go down.

Silver Badge

So i had tried silver but there is not a huge difference being from with the bronze badge but what I notice was that there was a little slip animations there was with like bronze. But it wasn’t to a degree where it was like silver’s way better than bronze.

Gold Badge

NBA 2K22 Pick Dodger

And here you can bet that silver i best but then I tested the gold one. And that was just amazing. It felt like my player was just covered in lube. Like I was just sliding and slipping through. pics and stuff like that goal for me. It worked like a charm. And its like 9 out of 10 times


My Recommendation

All right i am off the loop subject but like I said man gold really worked. It really worked great for me like there was not really a lot of complaints on that but unfortunately I can not get the wall of fame but as far as the badge recommendations then if you are guard well obviously you know most guards first you can try bronze and if you think you want to get more you can then try the other one.

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