Fatal Contamination Event in BGMI – New Skin, Outfit

Fatal Contamination Event in BGMI: The previous name PUBG MOBILE came in India with a new reloaded name that is Battle Grounds Mobile India and now its developer is Krafton Inc. Now Krafton Inc. gives many chances to their users to win weapon skins and outfit skins also. Krafton Inc. arranges many events from time to time for their users to get outfit skins as well as weapon skins permanently by participating in their event.

In this article we will get to know about the Fatal Contamination Event that was released in Battle Grounds Mobile India by Krafton Inc. BGMI players are waiting for new events. So finally Krafton Inc. released the Fatal Contamination Event that comes with Flora Menace Mode. This is the main reason that Battle Grounds Mobile India is getting more enteresting in India. Through these events, BGMI players get a new look at the game. So the user enjoying BGMI more and got more interest in BGMI day-by-day.

Update your BGMI before you check new features

1st Step:-  Go to your play store or iOS store.

2nd Step:- Search for Battle Grounds Mobile India.

3rd Step:- Now there is an update show, press the update button.

4th Step:- After this, your game will update and an additional file will download automatically.

5th Step:- Now these updates will start installing and you will get your updated BGMI.

What is Flora Menace Mode

In the Fatal Contamination Event, you will get Flora Menace Mode also. By Flora menace mode the players get a more interesting look. Players get more life barriers that are created in the map in this mode. Players can loot Nacore and use it to buy something like guns etc. battle items. This mode is available in Livik, Sanhok and Classic themes also.

Fatal Contamination Event Dates

This event is in two stages.

Stage I- 17 September 2021 to 14 October 2021.

Stage II- It will start on 15 October 2021.

Rules for the “Fatal Contamination Event”

Battle Grounds Mobile India players should complete the more specific missions at the time of the Fatal Contamination Event. When a user plays in Flora Menace Mode then that chance increase to getting more samples. Samples are the rare/common value based on their research value at the present time when players get. Samples can be exchanged with other players at a 1:1 ratio. You can get more samples by selling goods and redeem these samples and get rewards. According to BGMI, a mysterious merchant appears every Wednesday and Sunday (UTC+0) with some samples. You can purchase samples from there. The user should collect all these useful items and all rewards before the event ends.

Fatal Contamination Event in BGMI
Fatal Contamination Event in BGMI

Get Research Supply Tokens by these Steps

1st step- Complete more and more daily missions.

2nd step- Sell random samples to Character name ANNA.

3rd step- Research supply tokens can be bought by silver fragments. You can exchange silver fragments into research supply tokens.

Rewards that you Get

A- 1 classic crate coupon scrap -10 supply tokens

B- 1 supply crate coupon scrap – 10 supply tokens

C- Infinite Power Grafitti x1 – 10 supply tokens

D– Pink lightning Grafitti x1 – 10 supply token

E- Crate of coins – 5 supply tokens

F- 1 spray can – 50 supply tokens

G- 1 fireworks (popularity item) – 20 supply tokens

H- Precise Machinery UMP (30 days) – Unlocks after 13 days

I- Ski Champ Set (7 days) – 450 supply tokens

J- Precise Machinery UMP (7 days) – Unlocks after 13 days

K- 2x BP Card – 15 supply tokens

L- 2x EXP Card – 15 supply tokens.

Important for players-

Players can access “Fatal Contamination Event” in the event section and players should collect all rewards before ending the event. The permanent weapon skin will be available in the 2nd stage of the event that starts on 15 OCTOBER 2021.

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