COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks- Battle Pass, New Map, Skins.

COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks; So Hello guys! In this article, we will cover all things about the Call Of Duty session 9, which leaks day-by-day. Like the previous sessions of Call Of Duty Mobile now players will see something new again. The previous session 8 became very big because of new things users got there. Now again the excitement of Call Of Duty users will increase because Call Of Duty session 9 is on the way with a lot of surprises. Call Of Duty session 9 will cover very soon. Because all leakers and data collectors became very active in this matter. This news is coming from the Chinese version of COD Mobile

New Characters

COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks
COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks

There are a lot of new characters. These characters will available very soon in Call Of Duty Mobile. Here we have some data, based on leaked information. This does not confirm that each and every data are shown in this article you will get in Call Of Duty Mobile.

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COD Mobile Season 9 Leaks

1. Wicht Warden

This character, Wicht Warden will available in Call Of Duty Mobile: WWII Zombies. If a player wants to get this character then he should complete a full challenge. This challenge is “Cold Blood”.

2. Vasquez

Vasquez is the character of a lieutenant. In this session, Vasquez was in charge of Paul Jackson’s 1st Force Reconnaissance platoon in the American-Middle Eastern war missions in Call Of Duty Mobile.

3. Nikolai Belinski

Nikolai Belinski is a soldier character of and surgent in the Russian army in Call Of Duty Mobile. In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi are some alternative characters in Call Of Duty Mobile.

4. Kamarov

The character of Kamarov is also a soldier of the Russian army in Call of Duty. The work of Surgent Kamarov is to helping Captain Price’s squad. He is a Heroes and as a traveler also.

5. Vivian Harris

Vivian Harris is a  supportive character. This Character works as an agent in Call Of Duty Mobile. In “Nazi Zombies”,  Vivian Harris was a member of the Bureau of Archaic Technologies and assisted the group in stopping Peter Straub’s zombies. Vivian Harries also worked as a partner of Arthur Crowley. Harris assisted the 1st Infantry Division in stopping German V-2 Rockets.

6. Edward Richtofen

The character of Edward Richtofen is a Doctor as well as a Scientist. He was a scientist for the Zombie storyline. A player can play this character in Zombie game mode.

7. Victor Reznov

This is a very important character in Call of Duty- World at War and the Black Ops series. This character was a Russian squad leader of the Red Army in the world war.

8. Carver Butcher 

This character represents an officer of the British Special Forces. Carver Butcher was common the British battalion to protect from the Attack of the Undead, Liberty Strikes.

More, that you will get in session 9

3 types of Lamborghini car skins have been introduced in the game. A new character Alias has also been introduced in COD mobile. Users can get to see a new BR class which will be named grasshopper. Four gun weapon blueprints are also seen which include AK-47, PP 19 Bizon, BK57, and Kilo 141 gun. The skin of the MX9 has also been introduced in the Chinese version of COD Mobile. Some leaks have pointed out that Gunzo S9 will get in session 9.

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