New Graveyard Drift Quest Pack in Fortnite

Graveyard Drift Quest Pack Leaked in Fortnite: All right there is so much chaos happening in the epic games. So what happened actual was that someone at epic games messed up pretty badly. Here they accidentally released the upcoming quest in Fortnite. So the qusest is of the name Graveyard drift quest pack. This first and foremost this is actually schedule to come out at october 18th. Ya its totally true The Graveyard drift quest pack will be released  in 18th october at item shop reset. So that 10 days from now that is monday.

Mistake of opening Graveyard Drift Pack

We should not even have realized that this is even in the game yet but it was accidentally opened up up for pre purchase and I think you could also pre purchase it. About that i am not sure. I was in movie theaters, I clicked it. It did allow me to go through with it. But it right cancelled it right away because i did not want it to go through in. They not have it work and me lose some money

Price of the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack

So you will find it in the price of 15 dollars and 99 cents and it says after falling into darkness only the drift  walkers remains. Corruption is taking over and the graveyard drift begins.

So it looks somewhat familiar to you first of all obviously it is drift it’s another remake. They’re doing a lot of remakes these days but what I meant to say is if it looks familiar. It’s because we got  the teaser for it already one of the cards for the fortnite mayor’s 2021. That apparently is this new drift skin.

Rewards from Graveyard Drift Quest Pack

So what we get from the fortnite quest pack is the foremost 2000 v bucks. However of course it is a quest pack so you don’t get all 2000 . Straight you have to do daily challenges which makes you do a little bit of grinding. And then you will get the skin itself that is called the drift walker skin. Aparentally it has selectable styles which we can’t actually see yet. You get the the broken fractal wings back bling which liik humongous. Then the Corrupted tendrils rift with pickaxe and glider. So those are clearly dual wielded. And of course the graveyard drift quest bundle and you can unlock up to 2000 bucks

Graveyard Drift Quest Pack in Fortnite
Graveyard Drift Quest Pack in Fortnite

So we can see drift is basically a zombie which is amazing absolutely incredible a great halloween skin . The back bling like I said is huge. It reminds me of the carnage back bling when it’s fully reactive and it’s just way out of it.

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