Golden Skull Trooper in Fortnite – Release Date Reveal

Golden Skull Trooper is arriving in Fortnite. As per the information the Golden Skull Topper is arriving in the 2nd week. Fortnite players were eager for it. Many Players are eagerly waiting for this Golden Skull Trooper. It’s going to be happening in the second week. The first week has started on 5th October and will end till 11th October. Means from 12th October 2nd weak is going to start. That means we will get the golden skull topper skin from 12th October to October 18.

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Golden Skull Trooper Fortnite

So guys if you want to get this Golden skull topper Fortnite skin, read the article further. It is not that hard to get this skin. We should probably tell you that Golden Skull Topper is an Epic outfit. It says victory runs bone Deep. Also part of skull squad set. As it is a part of the skull squad set it will be released between 12 to 18th of October.

This Golden skull Trooper skin prices 1500 v bucks. The player should play 1500 v bucks for the skin. The amount is feasible for the skin as this is an Epic outfit. The main thing is that it has three different styles. But as per our technical team of Official Panda majority of players have two different styles also. Among all these three different styles the purple style tips are for Oz players only. Yes, no doubt the other two styles are also very good we would like to recommend them to you also. So if you are an Oz player you should get the purple style.

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More About Golden Skull Trooper

The Golden Skull Trooper is coming in the Fortnitemares. Fortnitemares is the Halloween event in Fortnite. So players will be getting the Golden Skull Trooper skin in the same event. As per our technical team, a bunch of new skins is arriving at the Fortnite shop. From this bunch of skills, a few of them were showcased and one of them was the Golden Skull Trooper skin. Of course, the announcement of the skin was really exciting for the players. So the Halloween which is quite incomplete without the skin. The important thing which we would like to mention is that Golden Skull Trooper is an additional style. Yes, correct not a new skin it’s a style. For instance, it is already in 3 different styles.

Golden Skull Trooper in Fortnite
Golden Skull Trooper in Fortnite


If you guys are having Skull Trooper skin already, you will get this absolutely free. If you guys don’t want the skull Trooper skin you have to buy it from the shop. So this was all the required information for the Golden Skull Trooper skin. If you want to buy this skull Trooper skin you need to spend 1500 v bucks in the shop.

So guys you are ready to bang with this new style of Skull Trooper.

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