NBA 2K22 Black Screen Issue Fix – Fix Issue

NBA 2K22 Black Screen Issue Fix: Recently from few days, players are facing a problem with the black screen in the game NBA 2K22 crash fix. A lot of users have been complaining a lot about these problems. So today in this article I will try to cover each and every workaround that has helped different users across the globe. So what you have to do is just follow the steps that I am telling you in this article. And also perform each and every step carefully. After that, I am sure your problem will be fixing.

NBA 2K22 Black Screen Issue Fix

Use WTFast

So the first and most basic step that works for almost everyone is that you should try running your game with the help of WTFast. The main purpose of this software is to fix online lag and hyping issues. But it is the most helpful software to fix server issues too. But using it is a bit complicated so I prefer to watch videos on the tutorial of this software and you will easily be able to run the software. Then you can run any game using the software. So just run your game using WTFast and your problem will most probably be fixed. But if you are still facing the issue you can proceed to the next step.

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Advanced performance setting

I found the second step by searching on many forums related to this topic. It is a really important step because it is working for most of the users. So what you have to do is you just have to go to the explorer and here go to the pc. right-click on it and go to its properties. In properties, you have to go to advanced system settings, and here you have to go performance. Then in performance, you again have to go to settings. and in settings make sure you are in advanced settings. In settings, you have to go to the program selected. Programs here and click on change. And now comes the most important part here. Deselect Automatically manages paging files size for all drives and now you have to select the drive in which your game is installed.

NBA 2K22 Black Screen Issue Fix
NBA 2K22 Black Screen Issue Fix

For example, I only have a c drive so I will select this but if you have your game installed in d drive then select the d drive. Now you have to select custom size here and now the question is what you have to enter here. So in the initial size, you have to enter the recommended size here. Now the maximum size should be equal to now you can take a calculator. And if you have 8 GBs of ram so just multiply 8 by one zero to four and the answer will be 8192. So you have to just ram in MB in it. Now you have to just click on ok and apply the settings and it will ask you to restart your pc to apply these settings. So just restart your pc and your problem will be fixed.



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