How to Increase Corporate Level Fast in NBA 2K22 (No XP glitch)

In this article, I will be telling you How to increase corporate level faster on NBA 2K22? How to go from 0 to 49 level in NBA 2K22 really really quick. How to get there faster so that all your friend you are racing to get the level 40, you can beat them in NBA 2K22.

I will be showing you what should be doing in your games to level up fast you guys. So what can you do in your gameplay in NBA 2K22 for increasing corporate level?

Increase Corporate Level Fast in NBA 2K22
Increase Corporate Level Fast in NBA 2K22

First Method to increase Corporate Level in NBA 2K22

one method to level up faster is to use the XP coins as of right now there’s already a double rep going on. So you don’t need that if you are playing right now. If you are a new player to the game and this isn’t here during the double XP weekend. What you are going to do is come to your XP coins and use them. If you are level like one zero right now I have a method for you to master. But other than the gameplay this is what you want to worry about this. Now you are going to these XP coins and you want to activate these so you get double XP. You will be leveling up faster throughout these games.

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Best Method to Increase Level in NBA 2K22

How to collect XP coins

Another thing you want to be doing is the quests that you get throughout the map they also give you the XP coins. So what you want to be doing is do these quests. You have a question journal and then you talk to all the npc’s they are going to give you a quest to do and most of these give you either VC or those XP coins. So if you don’t have XP coins through your season and your level one or zero. You can go to all the mpcs and go get XP coins as of one like one of these this right here overachiever. When you talk to an NPC, what you get is 2500 and 2 XP coins for one hour. You see what I am saying so once you complete these. And these will make you level up faster in NBA 2K22. 

Increase Corporate Level Fast in NBA 2K22

The third way of getting level up faster in NBA 2K22

To start off talking about the gameplay the thing that your game want to be doing is winning your game so of course, what you want to be leveling up faster is by winning the game so these few things to be talking about will help you win your game so that you can level up even faster right one of the things. One of the things you can do is win is by boost there’s a blue stand on the stage. And where you can go and buy the boost to help your jump shot help you dribble help you dunk so whatever your attributes are. You want to be having a boost to help boost be winning these games. So buying boosts is one of things you want to do another thing to help you level up faster.

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