Call of Duty Mobile X Lamborghini Collab Leaks and Rewards

Call of Duty Mobile X Lamborghini: In season 9 of call of duty mobile Lamborghini is having collaboration with Call of Duty. This collaboration will bring new rewards in the game. The new skins of cars as well as the weapons will be there in this collaboration. This collaboration will bring new change in the game. So in this collaboration their are various new things that will be coming in the game. To get a brief idea about this collaboration and the rewards read the article further.

Call of Duty Mobile X Lamborghini
COD Mobile X Lamborghini

Call of Duty Mobile X Lamborghini Collab Leaks

Melee Chainsaw Weapons In CODM

The first thing which we I will like to introduce is a chainsaw. The Melee weapon chain saw is coming in the game. This change is coming in the gonzo legendary character lucky draw.

There is also a chance that players can see listen to different versions. The legendary version and the default version. Both of these legendary version and default version are coming in season 9. We can might see the legendary chainsaw Melee weapon skin the lucky draw of legendary character Gunzo.

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 Call of Duty Mobile X Lamborghini Collaboration.

As we know Call of Duty mobile and Lamborghini are having collaboration. It may stand a chance to see some of the amazing Lamborghini edition skin. The new edition skin of Lamborghini will be added in the game file. We can see both new skins of a rally car as well as muscle car. Both of the skins of rally as well as muscle car looks very elegant. Both of the skin glowing and shining in their own way. Something unique is to be seen in this.

The entrance effects of this both cars are changing. There is some new type of graphics in the entrance of the cars. This Lamborghini rally car skin looks good in blood red colour also.

Is there is not full leak about the Lamborghini muscle car it seems quite difficult to say anything. Both of the skins looks good in in their first look. Moreover we can expect some other things from this collaboration also. Call of Duty mobile and Lamborghini collaboration will bring different joy in the gaming experience. Players will definitely enjoy this collaboration.

Call of Duty Mobile X Lamborghini
COD Mobile X Lamborghini

Lamborghini Edition ak-117 Legendary Skin.

In the weapons skins there is one new addition. Lamborghini edition AK-177 legendary skin is added in the game file. The skin looks very amazing. The reality of the skin is legendary. Players will find heights to achieve this skins. The design of the skin looks like aerodynamics type. This is also coming in the season 9 of Call of Duty mobile. This skin is reactive skin. So if the player kill someone skin will change the colour or effect. The custom iron sight in this skin looks very interesting. The gameplay of this AK 117 is good in multiplayer. But in the battle royale the gameplay of the same AK 117 improve the quality. So obviously Call of Duty is in profit by doing this collaboration. The flames coming out from the left and right side of the weapons looks very amazing.

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