New Weapon Royal Bundle in Free Fire 5 October

New Weapon Royal Bundle in Free Fire 5 October : Free Fire game is one of the most popular Battle Royale games globally. The game is currently handled by Garena. The developers of Garena provide various updates in order to keep attention from players’ day today. They provide a time-limited weapon skin bundle every month. One of the new weapons create is coming tomorrow.

The old weapon royale is over now. So tomorrow a new battle royale is coming named as New Weapon Royale. What is exciting about this New Weapon Royale? Here we are going to discuss this New Weapon Royale with more details-

New Weapon Royale in Free Fire

One of the main reasons behind every game is the developer’s support of the game. How they optimize the game & users like it. Surely Garena developers doing well in that field. That is why Free Fire players voted Free Fire as the “Most favorite game of 2020” in Google Play store.

With that keep in mind, developers provide various weapons kins & characters to the game to make the gameplay more attractive. They provide every monthly weapon bundle pack with cool animated weapon skins. One of them is the newly launched New weapon Bundle to the game. So, let us share with you about this New Weapon Bundle, which guns we will get in this bundle & how to get it?

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What is this New Weapon Bundle?

After 12am 5th September 2021, Garena provides a new weapon bundle in Free Fire. There will be some new weapon skins or maybe old skins will come back again. The details about this New Weapon Bundle is below-

  • There will be two types of spins that players can do-

  1. spend 40 diamonds for 1-time spin &
  2. Spend 400 diamonds for 10-times spin + 1-time free spin
  • There is a luck bar that will help players to get the weapon skin.
  • You will earn Luck by spinning the bundle.
  • The more Luck you get, the higher the chance to get the highest prizes.
  • You can also get time-limited legendary items by spinning them.
  • If you are unable to get Permanent legendary items, don’t worry. The increase of Luck will remain the same so that you can get the highest prizes in the next weapon royale.
New Weapon Royal Bundle in Free Fire 5 October
New Weapon Royal Bundle in Free Fire 5 October

These are the all details about the new Weapon bundle. It is now live from 12 am at night in India. To know about upcoming new weapon royale bundles & any other Free Fire-related news, stay tuned to our website.

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