BGMI Mission : Cell Matrix in Classic Mode Flora Menace.

BGMI Mission: Cell-Matrix in Classic Flora Menaces defeat 20 enemies. So in today’s article, we are going to look at this mission. In this mission, the player has to kill 20 enemies on cell-matrix in classic mode. To complete this mission read the article for this further. It is not that heart you just have to follow the given instructions. You will get everything you need in this article below.

Defeat a total of 20 enemies on the Cell Matrix in Classic Mode Flora Menace

Its mission is not that hard so just follow the steps given in brief? In The first step, you have to do is change the theme of Erangel to Flora Menace. Guys, please note that you can do this player mission in any of the modes. However, most of the players prefer to complete this mission in a solo mode. It is all your choice, if you guys want to play with your friends and complete this mission you can. As per your habits for your accordance, you can switch to FPP or TPP. So you just have to click on the start button and it will start matching.

After entering the game, you can see the cell on the map. You can go to any preferable cell you want. As you land down collect some of the loot for your safety. As you will go near the cell, you will see a timer near the map. You just have to wait for the timer and let the cell open itself. As the cell will open you have to enter it. After entering the cell you will get an open option you have to tap on the option. After taping it, there will be a countdown and this cell will take you in the air.

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BGMI Mission : Cell Matrix
BGMI Mission Cell Matrix

Cell-Matrix Classic Flora Menace BGMI

Now, as we have completed the first step. This sale will take us to New place. Here players have to play the TDM match. There will be 3 to 4 rounds with different weapons. So in all three to four rounds you just have to kill the maximum number of players you can. If you get killed by the opponent don’t worry you are still alive in the Erangle. Sundar TDM match you will get the health of 3 lives. If you will die 3 times you will automatically get out of the match. There is no need to kill all the 20 enemies in just one match. You can play several matches to complete this mission. There is no such type of restriction on any of the players playing BGMI.

This is that is easy to complete this mission in BGMI. So we know you guys can do this mission easily. You will definitely defeat a total of 20 enemies on the cell Matrix in classic mode Flora Menace. Complete the mission and earn as much as RP

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