How to Get Bot Lobby in Fortnite Season 8

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Get Bot Lobby in Fortnite Season 8: Fortnite, we all know its a very amazing survival royale game with zombies. But some of the players have not the ease in playing with other online players. So, they just need a full bot lobby in the game. In fortnite season 8, For getting a full bot lobbies you just need to do some easy and simple things. That things I am going to show you in this article. This would be a full 100 bots lobbies. There will be no real players. And also guys don’t worry this would work on every single platform. Whether you are on the ps4, ps5, xbox, pc or any other.

Bot Lobby in Fortnite Season 8

From where to get

So for getting in to the bot lobby, First thing you need to do is make your way in the battle royale main lobby. Once you are in the battle royale main lobby to get these bot lobbies it is so simple. you have to just go in to open up the plus and when you open up the plus menu, You are going to see all these different options like select game mode, parental controls, credits, legal, support code of conduct reporting such feedback and settings.

Which Options to Select

So you are going to have all of these different options. The options that you need to have and click on is ”settings”. And when we click on the settings you just want to scroll all the way over to the right tab. Over to where it says ”account and privacy” at the top left. So do once it does say accountant privacy. You just going ahead and scroll down over here to the thing called hidden matchmaking delay. This is the only thing we have to do inside the settings guys some people have this like 0 seconds 1 seconds. But you just want to go ahead and make sure taht it can not be 0 seconds. It could be one seconds 15 seconds 30 seconds but not 0 seconds.

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What I Prefer

So guys I would prefer this to be 5 seconds. This is what is basically do when I always want to get 100 bot lobby which is super amazing. So when you go ahead in the same way and just apply this setting.

Bot Lobby in Fortnite Season 8
Bot Lobby in Fortnite Season 8

Selecting Game Mode

Once it is done you may do a double check and then. And then just go ahead and select o n the game mode. Once you click on the select game mode you would have many different options like save the world, battle royale, creative. You need to click straight in to the battle royale. When you load yourself in the battle royale. One thing you also have to do in settings is just go ahead and make sure that your game replays are being turned on. And do check also that your allow cross platform to be on.

And its ready, we can go into the bot lobbies guys.    🙂

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