Evo UMP Skin in Free fire – How to Get

Evo UMP Skin in Free fire: Free fire has just launched their Booyah event in the latter half of September. With that players will get to witness the all new Evo Ump skin! Evo UMP skin is pretty different as compared to other normal guns. So if you are a free fire gaming enthusiast and want to know all about the Evo Ump Skin then stay tuned! As this article is for you! We will be covering everything we know about the new Evo UMP skin.


  • Evo UMP skin
  • What is the difference between Evo UMP skin and normal skin?
  • How to obtain the Evo UMP skin?

Evo UMP Skin

There is a big difference in the Evo UMP skin and the normal skin. For starters, Evo UMP skin looks much more cooler than the normal skin. It has different features, different attributes and hold a different look altogether! As you can see it is a very distinctive and it comes in a very shiny golden yellow color!


What is the difference between Evo Ump skin and other normal skin? – The very first distinct difference is that evo ump sin are pretty unique as they are upgradable up to different levels. Once reached to level 7, a lot of privilege can be unlocked in the game!  Players can obtain a unique emote, cool and special virtual effects and various visual appearance enhancements. It also gives an unique look as compared to other plain skins.

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How to obtain the Evo UMP skin?

Players can get the Evo ump skin from the Booyah 2021 spin event. Players can spin the wheel in the event and receive various kinds of rewards. The rewards received already will not be repeated. Hence thereby increasing the chances of obtaining the Evo ump skin. So let us go through and understand that how many spins or diamonds will you need exactly in order to get the new Evo Ump skin.

Evo UMP Skin in Free fire
Evo UMP Skin in Free fire

Diamonds needed in order to obtain the Evo Ump skin –

  1. #1 Spin – Free
  2. #2 Spin – 9 Diamonds
  3. #3 Spin – 19 Diamonds
  4. #4 Spin – 39 Diamonds
  5. #5 Spin – 69 Diamonds
  6. #6 Spin – 99 Diamonds
  7. #7 Spin – 199 Diamonds
  8. #8 Spin – 499 Diamonds

So to conclude the Booyah event guarantees that players can obtain the Evo Ump skin for atleast 933 diamonds more or less.

Free fire is really playing their top game by continuously introducing new skins, launching new events , bringing in more events and challenges! And needless to say the are pretty successful i keeping the Garena players hooked! Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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