Unicorn Flakes Bundle in Fortnite – Emote, Outfit and all

Unicorn Flakes Fortnite: Unicorn Flakes Bagpack is a part of Unicorn Flakes set. Players who have reached Tier 40 can g the Unicorn Flakes set. It is a paid battlepass. Unicorn Flakes set was introduces in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. Unicorn flakes is an epic back-bling. It was Release on the 13th September 2021.


  • Flakes Unicorn Styles
  • Unicorn Flakes Set

Unicorn Flake Styles

There are three Unicorn Flake Styles at the moment. Unicorn Flakes, Golden Crunch and Fun Roasted.

Unicorn Flakes Set –  The brand new Unicorn Flakes set offers 12 cosmetic items which are list as followed:-

  • Fabio Sparklemane Outfit
  • Flavour-dusted Sparklewings Glider
  • The Big Spoon Harvesting tool
  • Wainbow wrap
  • Unicorn flakes backbling
  • Flake shake backbling
  • Cereal Spiller contrail
  • Unicorns on parade loading screen
  • The crunch bunch loading screen
  • Mane event spray
  • Flake this music
  • Flake that music
  • Unicorn Flakes emote

Fabio Sparklemane and Flake That Emote

Fabio Sparklemane is a shining and adorable outfit in Fortnite Seasom 8. The outfit involves a white shirt, red shorts and unicorn coloured hair!! Additionally, the Flake This and Flake this and Flake that music are pretty interesting too!

Flavour-dusted Sparklewings Glider

 Get ready to land on heaven with these flavour dusted sparkle wings glider. They are super shiny and are rainbow – colored!!

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Unicorn Flakes Fortnite Emote

The Big Spoon Harvesting tool

 Pretty cute spoon right? The big spoon is an epic pickaxe. It is currently a part of the Unicorn Flakes set.

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Unicorn Flakes Fortnite
Unicorn Flakes Fortnite

Wrainbow wrap and Cereal Spiller Contrail

Wrainbow wrap and cereal spiller contrail are two brand new additions in the unicorn flakes set! Needless to say unicorn flakes set has a lot of new cosmetic items which are pretty eye catching and distinct.

Unicorns on parade loading screen

This is personally mt favourite cosmetic item from the unicorn flakes set! The unicorns are both many and cute at the same time. This loading screen is available for Fortnite players after they have crossed tier 40!

Unicorn Flakes Backbling and Flake shake backbling

To pretty cute backblings to store your accessories. There are many backbling that have been introduces in Fortnite throughout all this time and also the Unicorn Backbling certainly has to be the cutest one ever!

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