Search a Supply Drop in Fortnite Season 8

Search a Supply Drop in Fortnite Season 8: In  Fortnite season 8, the place of the supply drop is still unknown to some of the players. So, this post is a step-wise guide for all of you. Follow these steps and you will find out your supply crate.

What to do?

First of all, you should know that this crate can only be found in solos, duos, and squad matches. On average 1-4 supply drops usually spawn in a solo match.
In order to get the supply drop go to the IO post near Pleasant and get a car in a solo match. By this time the first circle will appear. Try not to engage in fights unless it can’t be help. If someone shoots at your car while you are driving, still avoid fighting. If your car gets damage during the course, go to the nearest IO post to get a new one.

Search a Supply Drop in Fortnite Season 8
Search a Supply Drop in Fortnite Season 8

What next?

Go to the shown part in the map. Use your car as you need to reach as early as possible. Collect as much material as you can, you will need it afterward. Follow the crowd-less route. You can use the river to reach your destination. By taking the river you can collect fish to feed yourself.


Now, wait for the second circle to form. Keep using the bushes. Don’t engage in unnecessary fights. Once the second circle is formed, go to the location inside the second circle which is closer to the stormwater. This will help you minimize the risk of encountering other players. Keep using the car. Keep a low profile until the third circle is formed.

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Rush after hearing it

Now at any point, you will hear a radio clicking sound. This is the indication that the supply drop is shown in the mini-map. Go to the drop section as soon as possible. Now is the time when you have to use mats to protect yourself. You might encounter other players. Still, try keeping a low profile. You might use water as your route. This is because there you have lesser chances of encountering other players.


You only got 60 Seconds!

The supply drop will land within 60 seconds after it shows on the map. Be careful as you might face other players. If you still didn’t get the drop, try the same method in the next circles. Don’t get disappointed if you are not able to get it in your first match. You can try it in the next matches. All you have to do is not to engage in fights unless it is very require. Play your matches to survive and get the supply drop. Once you get it, you can go wild with your gameplays. Tell us the number of matches that it took you to search and get your supply drop in the comment section.

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