Search Ice Machine in Fortnite Season 8

Search Ice Machine in Fortnite Season 8: One distinct thing that we would like to inform you in the beginning is that the locations of Ice machines in fortnite season 8 are not permanent. In one match you might see them spawning at a certain location and in the next one you may not find them at the same place. There are a lot of places where players can search for ice machines in Fortnite Season 8. So our today’s article is all about Ice machines in Fortnite Season 8.


  • Why are Ice Machines important?
  • Where to find Ice Machines in Season 8?

Why are Ice  machines important?

As we all know Fortnite keeps coming up with new challenges, new quests and new punchcards. Ice machines play an important role in completing the Big Mouth quest which is a part of season 8. Talking to Big Mouth would give the players certain quests to be Complete. The first task involves finding an ice machine. There are a lot of locations like Sludgy Swamp, Dirty Docks, Pleasant park, etc which may be having an ice machine. The Spawn location of the ice machine is not guarantees as it keeps changing but you will generally find them closer to gas stations.

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Where to find Ice Machines in Fortnite Season 8 ? 

Search Ice Machine in Fortnite Season 8
Search Ice Machine in Fortnite Season 8

The Orchard – All the players need to do is land in The Orchard and go towards the southern most building. Make sure that the building is situated right across from the Pizza Pit. After locating the ice machine, players need to interact with it. By doing so you will complete your task for the quest.

Catty Corner – There are two prime locations of ice machines in Catty Corner. Both the locations are situated on the south and southwest respectively. The first location is near the river on a wooden structure and the second one is outside the gas station.

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Sludgy Swamp – As mentioned earlier, ice machines are usually located next to gas stations. One of the major gas station in the fortmite map is one at Sludgy Swamp. One such gas station lies towards the north of Sludy Swamp. So make your way there in order to complete the quest.

Believer Beach – If you want to be certain in finishing your ice machine quest, then this is your go to location! Believer beach is a pretty huge location on the map but it offers 6 different ice machine location. You can easily spot two ice machine near the water on the docks. The third one can be spotted towards the east of the swimming pool. And the remaining three can be found around the buildings!

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