Complete All Derby Dynamo Challenge in Fortnite

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Derby Dynamo Fortnite Challenge!

Derby Dynamo Fortnite Challenge are out and many of the players are trying to complete it. On completing these challenges 1500 will be able to get free V bucks. The Derby Dynamo quest is available in item shop. First of all players should know that these are super simple challenges. You don’t need to worry about it.


How complete Derby Dynamo Challenge?

Players should know that derby dynamo challenge cannot be completed through battles. To complete this challenge, players need to go on core game mode. Easiest way to do this will be from solos. These are super simple challenges and each of them can be completed in just one or two minutes.

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Derby Dynamo Challenge in Fortnite
Derby Dynamo Challenge in Fortnite

What match to Play?

First of all, get into a solo match. Make sure that you do have a custom match making key. But if you do not have one, no need to worry. You can go ahead and do it in solos. Players should do this in solos as it is much more cost effective way of doing it.

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Derby Dynamo Challenge in Fortnite

Where to Land?

So when you get into your solo match, you have to get into battle bus. Once you get into the battle bus, you have to get to the erupted red part of the map. This location is near to the center of the map. This location is at a really small distance from the center of the map towards the upper right side.

Derby Dynamo Challenge in Fortnite

What next?

As soon as you reach this spot, jump from the bus. A distance of 1200 meters is favorable for the jump. Here players have to drop right at the compass symbol. Do make sure that your “can receive gifts” option is on in settings. You will not get anything if this option is turned off. In this location you have to complete any daily quest. For each quest, players will get 100 V bucks. Players have to complete 15 of these challenges to complete the Derby Dynamo Challenge. So, that is how you can complete the Derby Dynamo Challenge. After completion of your challenge, do let us know in the comment section.

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