Sorry Server is Not Online Yet – Free Fire Max Detailed Information

Sorry Server is Not Online Yet – Free Fire Max: As we all know Garena free fire has launched the upgraded version of free fire that is free fire Max today. It is available on the Play Store and app store you guys can download it from there. If you guys have pre-registered for the game it will be automatically downloaded. But not that you guys must have to connect yourself with a Wi-Fi network. If you do not register no need to worry you can just go directly to the Play Store. Search free for max on the Play Store and you will be able to download it. The download size of free fire Max is 0.96 GB that is near about 1GB.

Sorry Server is Not Online Yet - Free Fire Max
Sorry Server is Not Online Yet – Free Fire Max

Now it comes to a very interesting thing, for testing the gaming experience ourTeam Official panda‘ has tested the game. But surprisingly when we were at the login page there was a notice. This notice was flashing that the games server is not online yet. This means that all you can do is you can just enjoy some of the cutscenes from the game. However, we are expecting that the game’s server will wake up soon.  The technical team of Garena is working on it. Hope players will get a chance to enjoy all the free for Max soon. And will not see Server is not online yet notice again. Many of the free-fire players we’re waiting and watching too much excited for the launch of free fire Max.

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Free Fire Max Notice Update

Currently, as per our technical team, we are trying to play the game but it is showing a different message. Now when you start the game and login into it you see a different message. The message “server is known online yet” is not there they have replaced it. Now the player will see the message like, “Limited test has ended. See you in the next test.” A very less number of players got the chance to play the test run. However, it is showing the same message that is it has ended. So whatever it may be we guys have to wait for a little more longer. All the free-fire Max fans are waiting for the servers.

Sorry Server is Not Online Yet Free Fire Max


As Garena has committed that free fire will come up with new improvements in the gameplay and the graphics as well. However who have pre-registered for Garena free for Max standard chance to get exclusive rewards. The most important thing I would like to mention is that players using their old account can sync it with the Max.

If you have also seen the message “service are not online yet”. No need to worry everybody is facing the same problem hope they will recover it soon.

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