PlayStation Cup Fortnite – Prize Pool, Regions Details

PlayStation cup Fortnite Prize Pool: Fortnite is a very well-known game all over the world. It has a huge players base and has a great demand among the players. The game keeps on bringing new modes and skins to entertain the players and through this they could also attract new players to their game so their game becomes more giant.

The Fortnite game is developed and published by the epic games. This time the game has come up with a PlayStation cup Fortnite. This cup is only for the ps 4 and ps 5 players and not for all the players. There is series of tournaments in this Play Station cup Fortnite and is very exciting.

The premiere of this Play Station cup Fortnite is on the date of October 2 and the year 2021. There’s a piece of good news for the players of the game. And The good news is that the players could preregister for this PlayStation cup Fortnite. The pre-registration has already started.

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PlayStation cup Fortnite

Prize Pool

The total cash prize pool of this PlayStation cup Fortnite of October month is $113400. This cup is going to play in the solo queue. There’s round 1 in this cup and, all the players could participate and enjoy the competition. The players would have a time of three hours in which they must complete up to 10 matches in the game.

They are required to earn a good score in all the matches so that they could earn a good rank in the points table. Only about 100 players could go to the other round in this Play Station cup Fortnite from every specific region.

The second round in this PlayStation cup Fortnite is only of 6 matches for the players. For more details about the second round, you must regularly check the website of Fortnite or check our site regularly whenever we would post an article about it soon.

PlayStation cup Fortnite


To play in this Play Station cup Fortnite there are some requirements that players must need to complete. By completing they are enabled to play this cup in the Fortnite game. The players must be on the level of 30 or more in the game to play this cup. The other requirement is that the players just need to enable the two-factor authentication in the game to play this PlayStation cup in the Fortnite game.


This PlayStation cup Fortnite is only for the players of ps 4 and ps 5 and this cup is not for each and every player of the game.

In this article, we have tried to cover a piece of detailed information on the Fortnite game also about the PlayStation cup Fortnite what are is the prize pool of this cup and other information in a detailed way on the Play Station cup Fortnite. We have also covered about what are the requirements for the players to play this PlayStation cup in the Fortnite game.

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