How to Get Membership Rewards in Free Fire

How to Get Membership Rewards in Free Fire:  We all know Garena Free Fire is acquiring a very different fan base. In a free fire, there are various items that a player needs to purchase. That item may be characters, pets, skins, and more. All these things are helpful while playing the match. People having different characters or unique characters get attraction from the other players. Having different kinds of pets also sets different standards. So players playing Garena free fire requires all these things. All these items often need to buy with diamonds. However diamond is a virtual currency in the free fire.

The interesting thing is that virtual diamonds can be yours with real-world money. After spending real-world money you can get these diamonds. Many of the players think that the price of diamonds is quite high. 10 10 diamonds become unaffordable. So many of the players search for different alternatives to gain diamonds at some of the less cost.

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Get Membership Rewards in Free Fire
Get Membership Rewards in Free Fire

If we consider the membership which is available in the free fire. It has two types either weekly or monthly membership. These memberships are of  ₹159 and  ₹599 respectively.

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Weekly Membership in Free Fire

The weekly membership in free fire resets every day at 3:00. It sets itself on regular basis and after regular intervals. In this weekly membership, players are able to claim near about 60 diamonds each day. If we consider it for 7 days player can claim 420 diamonds in total. The player who are having weekly membership has Special Weekly Card VIP Icon.

Monthly Membership

Monthly membership in Free Fire also resets every day at 3. It sets itself on regular basis after regular intervals. Academic weekly membership you can earn near about 60 diamonds per day. If we consider it for 30 days of a month player will be getting 1900 in total. But the best thing is that after buying monthly membership you instantly receive the bonus of 100 diamonds. You also get a Special Monthly Card VIP Icon. The player instantly receives AK gold coated for 30 days.

Steps for Purchasing Membership in Garena Free Fire –

  1. First of all, you need to open the free fire game on your device. Then you have to login into it. After login in step on the “Membership” icon which is located at the center top of the screen.
  2. Simply the dialogue box will open in front of you showing the two different kinds of memberships that are weekly e and monthly. You have to select the desired one and proceed with the payment method.
  3. Follow all the steps of payment it will be purchased successfully and your membership will be activated.

Now you have successfully bought the membership. I would like to mention that if the player buys both memberships you can collect 120 diamonds per day. You will also get the S-VIP badge.

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