Why Free Fire is not Opening- 503 Service Unavailable

Why Free Fire is not Opening
503 service unavailable Free fire

Why Free Fire is not Opening- 503 service unavailable: Garena free fire is an online multiplayer battle royale game that consists of 100 people to participate at once. with over 100 million players Free Fire is very popular amongst all ages as it encourages people to try out the game more and more as they play with their exciting updates and fairly creative customizable options regarding the players and equipment that follow.

along with this Free fire also displays a rank system for better-performing players.

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Why Free Fire is not Opening

Along with great content comes great and heavy updates

503 service unavailable Free fire


Recently we were notified that free fire would get updates in order to improve the overall gameplay and customizable items as well in order to keep the fans engaged by introducing new content.

this update along with patch notes will arrive soon 

this update has a nice aesthetic with a purple neon color scheme along with a futuristic look

In order for the game to update the company has shut down the server so that they have free time to perfectly install the update along with all the patches without overbearing their own work. and once they have complete updates they would resume the servers normally and carry on with the game

However, after the update, the bulk of players might also overload the servers causing them to crash a lot

So in order to deal with the shutdown, we just have to follow a few steps

  1. not to turn on the game until we get the update notification
  2. patiently update the game and finish the update
  3. close down all apps and wait a good 2-3 minutes before starting the game
  4. go through the updates and new add ons before playing
  5. try different modes first before going into your regular mode
  6. if still laggy and crashing please turn the app off and wait a little longer
Why Free Fire is not Opening- 503 services unavailable

By following these simple steps you can continue playing Free Fire today itself

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What will happen in the update

Within a few hours, the player themselves can see what will be different in Free Fire after the update

with the update being around 400-500 Mb for android users and 700-800 Mb for Ios users this update seem to include a lot of activities outfits map update bug fixes and in general everything for the player to enjoy and continue playing their favorite game with along with new add ons to the aesthetic of the game as well making players wanting to update the game faster

The game will most likely be updated on 4th July 2021 evening and the servers will continue after the update as well.

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