Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier Rewards and Tier Reset Details

Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier Rewards and Tier Reset; PUBG Lite Season 11 is soon going to end by the end of September 2021. Season 12 PUBG Lite is all set to start from October 2021. As we all know that PUBG rewards its players beautifully at the end of every season. These are call Tier Rewards. This season too is not going to be any different. In today’s blog, we would be exploring PUBG Lite Season 12 Tier Rewards.

We all are aware that Player Unknown BattleGround Mobile or PUBG offers its player a compact and a lighter mode called PUBG Lite. The Seasons in PUBG Mobile and in PUBG Lite are both different. But the functions in both the version are pretty similar.


  • Tier Reset.
  • Tier Rewards.

Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier Reset

We all know that whenever a new season is introduced in the game, demotion takes place. Players are demoted irrespective of the tier they were on in the previous season. Except for lower tiers like Bronze and Silver. Rest all tiers like Conqueror, Ace, Crown, Platinum, Diamond, and God are demoted from higher tiers to lower tiers.

Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier Reset

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Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier rewards

Apart from this negative point, there is a positive side as well. Players get an opportunity to earn rewards at the end of each and every season.

Tier Rewards For Conqueror Players

Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier Reward

Of course, all Conqueror players receive the conqueror frame after the season completion. It is something that you should be definitely proud of! Season 12 Conqueror players will get an opportunity to show off the Conqueror Frame.

Another method to show off and boast about yourself is the Season 12 Ace Parachute. Players can see this parachute and know that there is a Pro Player in the lobby. Ace players will be getting this blue cool parachute in Season 12.

Alongside matching with the blue ace parachute, players would also get a chance to get this amazing Groza skin.

Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier Rewards and Tier Reset
Pubg Lite Season 12 Tier Rewards

PUBG is super innovative! Especially when it comes to their outfits. Every season you will see some new and special outfits launched. This Season’s outfit is black colored with cyan stripes on the shoulders. Each season in PUBG runs for a period of three months. Season 11 is going to end soon on 30th September and platers can definitely expect these rewards at the start of Season 12.

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