Nightfall Excursion Draw in Call of Duty Mobile

Nightfall Excursion Draw in Call of Duty (COD) mobile: The 2nd anniversary of Call of Duty mobile is knocking on the door. With the season 8 update, various things have come to the game. We have seen new modes & new weapons debut in the game itself. Activision developers giving their best to the game to make it perfect. Developers providing gun skins & characters with every event. One of the recent draws that will gain your attention is a draw- Nightfall Excursion Draw. This draw will be introduced to the game on 29th September 2021. Let’s see the details about this new Nightfall Excursion Draw what is it gonna provide to us?

Nightfall Excursion Draw in Call of Duty mobile

Nightfall Excursion Draw in COD Mobile

Call of Duty mobile has be introduced by Tencent Game & Kiwi games formerly. After Activison took over the development of the game, they have improved the game severely. Now Call of Duty mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the whole world. It is very much inspired by the PC version of the game -Call of Duty: Blackout game.

Being launched in 2019, this year in 2021 Call of Duty celebrating its 2nd anniversary. Several things came to the game. With the season 8 update, a new draw has come to the game. The draw is name – Nightfall Excursion draw. It is available for the players from tomorrow. You can check it from the event draw. But what are the details of this new Nightfall Excursion draw? Are you excited to see it? Let’s discuss in this article.

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First-ever Legendary Parachute: Nightfall Excursion draw in Call of Duty mobile

The Nightfall Excursion draw will be live from today. Here are some details about this draw that what skins & characters we are going to see:-


  • The first ever Legendary Parachute skin is coming: You may have got free parachute skins from the events earlier. Or maybe bought parachute skins from draws. Even the game provides parachute skin for every Battle Pass. But with this draw, the legendary skin is the first time. So this is going to be so exciting.
  • A legendary vehicle also there: With the very new legendary parachute, we are going to see a new legendary vehicle skin. It is a four-wheeled vehicle skin that players going to get through a drawing of the Nightfall Excursion.
  • New emotes: Emotes are the interesting thing of every game’s inner part. Some emote appear funny, some appear as interesting pose makers. With this draw, there will be an emote that the character draws a picture.
  • A new Axe skin: There are some non-legendary weapon skins also. One of them is an Axe skin.
  • Other non-exciting skins: There are also some weapons skins that you may encounter for the first 1-2 spins of the draw. If you are lucky enough then you can get Legendary skins at 1st Though the chances are 0.4%.

So, these are the updates of the newest Nightfall Excursion draw introduced in Call of Duty mobile. Surely the season 8 featuring new updates here and there. There will be a lot more events are coming to Call of Duty mobile just like Nightfall Excursion. Stay tuned for that.

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