How to Unban Free Fire ID ! Complete Guide

How to unban Free Fire ID: Garena free fire is a battle royale game which is loving by players. Players play to love free fire battle royale. Especially among the teenagers free fire has different fan base. every player and each and every game has some kind of fear regarding banning or suspension of the account or ID. As like as most of the gaming platforms free fire has also strict the policies against hack or cheating. There are various reasons that someone ID mey get ban. It is not that hard to unbanned free fire ID. But if  you are  really cheating or if you have find really violating the policies. Then there is no chance to get your id unban.

unban Free Fire Account

How to unban Free Fire ID

The process which we are disclosing here, is only for those who haven’t made any mistake. If you are a hacker or any third party application user then we are sorry you must have voilated the rules of free fire.

Garena Free Fire has produced one website this website will help all the innocent players whose id has ban. this is the website where you can reach and get your id unban. You can submit your id on this link and if you are innocent then you can get your account back. Means you can get your ID unban.

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Steps to follow on FF Support

  1. Follow the link and go to the website.
  2. You have to fill all the required things in the given boxes. Your email Id, your free fire ID etc.
  3. Fill all the details correctly. Check the details once again and press the enter button.
  4. Now you have to wait let free fire do there work, if you have not done really anything wrong your id will be unban.
unban Free Fire ID
unban Free Fire ID

Free Fire ID Ban Reasons

  1. Generally for earning various things in free fire, meaning of the player use some of the shortcuts. This players use third party apps, which are provided by free fire not to be used. If a player is using using such third party apps then their ID may get ban.
  2. If you do hacking and if you have done anything like Hacking. All if you are playing with hack then you may find guilty.
  3. If you are killing innocent players or your teammates for every usual time then also your ID may get ban.

These are the various reasons that your free fire ID may get ban. We also have provided you with the option that you should go with when your id is ban. But keep note that we should not do the wrong things while playing gaming attitude should be maintained any game.

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