Technocare M416 Skin In BGMI – How To Get

Technocare M416 Skin In BGMI How To Get – Technocare M416 is a new skin available in BGMI. Technocare M416 has a pretty cool look. Players can unlock the brand new Technocare M416 from the lucky event spin option available in game. Battleground Mobile India is currently one of the most exciting and trending game in India right now. Hence BGMI has a greater responsibility of continuously adding new features in the game. Be it exciting changes in the locations, new Royale Pass or weapon skins, there is always something new in BGMI and one such addition is the Technocare M416.

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So we will be covering the followings Topics in Today’s Blog 

  • Lucky Spin Event.
  • How to obtain the Technocare M416.
  • Other popular M416 skins.
Technocare M416 Skin In BGMI
Technocare M416 Skin In BGMI

Lucky Spin Event

Honestly it is more about the lucky spin event than about the skin. Battleground Mobile India constantly keeps adding these sort of events in the game. So basically this  event gives the players a chance to earn a lot of exciting rewards. A chance to earn the Technocare M416 skin, energy drinks, helmets, backpack, outfit, silver fragments, classic crate coupon, premium crate coupon, etc.

How to obtain the Technocare M416 ?

– Initially, in order to draw the very first spin, the players participating in the event will have to spend a total of 10UC. The minimum mandatory event score is 200. It means that when players will definitely be getting the Technocare M416 once they reach the score of 200. For doing so the players will be needing 540UC to draw additional spins. Now if you are lucky enough you will get the skin before it hits 200. The skin is available in the game from 21st September 2021. The last day to obtain the skin is 11th October 2021. And by doing so you can acquire your very own Level 1 Technocare M416 skin.

Other Popular M416 Skins

 We all know one such skin which is the dream of each and every PUBG or BGMI player. That is the M416 Glacier Skin. We have seen popular online streamers, popular youtubers go crazy for this particular skin. Here is the top 5 popular M416 skins –

  • M 416 Glacier Skin.
  • M 416 Viper Skin.
  • M416 Fool Skin.
  • M416 Call Of The Wild Skin.
  • Lizard Roar M416 Skin.

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