Sinister Legend Backpack in Free Fire ! Complete Details

Sinister Legend Backpack in Free Fire: Free Fire game is currently ruling all over the world nowadays. Recently we have noticed there is a backpack that has been release in the SG server in the game. The name of the backpack is Sinister Lenegnd Backpack. Surely players go crazy with the backpack because it looks so cool. & we can also expect the backpack to come to India. Let’s see what details we have about this Sinister Legend Backpack.

Sinister Legend Backpack coming to Free Fire


  • Free Fire is one of the most popular Batlle Royale games with its colorful appearance. The Game developer Garena provides players new backpack skins & characters weekly. Thus people get attracted to it more and more. Surely the developers know what players want nowadays & they provide them too. One of their creation is the upcoming Sinister Legend Backpack


  • This backpack has been release in sg server where people go crazy for this thing. After the success of the release, we might see this coming to India as well. According to our reports, the Sinister Legend Backpack will come via a Top-Up. So what leaks we have got? I am going to share it with you.

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Sinister Legend Backpack in Free Fire

The upcoming Sinister Legend Backpack might come Indian server soon. Some leaks confirmed that it came to the SG server today. So in the next Top-Up event after Sensei Top-Up we might see this backpack TOP-up to the game.

Some players reported you can get this backpack with just 1 DIAMOND! Yes, you heard it right. Just 1 DIAMOND! So get set ready for the upcoming update to the game.

Sinister Legend Backpack in Free Fire
Sinister Legend Backpack in Free Fire

There can be a emote with that Top-Up but that is not confirmed yet. So stay tuned for that & upcoming details & leaks about Free Fire.

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