PUBG and BGMI MG3 Light Machine Gun Location

PUBG and BGMI MG3 Light Machine Gun Location
BGMI MG3 Light Machine Gun Location

PUBG and BGMI MG3 Light machine Gun location – Hello you guys! We are pretty sure that if you love online video games, then PUBG or BGMI must be definitely on your list! And when it comes to Weapons, PUBG/BGMI offers a wide variety of choices for its players. Ranging from light machine guns like MG3  to powerful assault rifles M416, AKM, etc there is a long list that the players can choose from. Let’s see what all we will be covering in today’s post –

  • Features of MG3.
  • MG3 Location.
  • Tips and Tricks to use MG3

MG3 Light machine

The MG3 was exclusively introduced in the PUBG 1.5 update. MG3 is a light machine gun. It is an AIR DROP exclusive weapon. Before MG3, players had only two options for machine guns one was DP-28 and the other one was M249 and hence one more light machine gun was definitely the need of the hour. Therefore MG3 was introduced in July 2021.

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Features of MG3 Light machine

MG3 has a damage of 40 hitpoints and it is equipped for 7.6mm ammunition. It has a magazine of 75 bullets per round. Offers two firing modes one in 660 rpm and 990 rpm. It also does not need any slot for attachments like magazine, stock , etc. It can work just fine with a scope of your choice. MG3 has proven to be great at both long range and short range. It is so powerful that it is often compared to the mighty DP-28 and a lot of players prefer the former. You can fire faster with MG3 with a better stability but it will give you a higher recoil.

PUBG and BGMI MG3 Light Machine Gun Location

Location Of MG3 Light machine

MG3 is an exclusive air drop weapon. Meaning that you will not find MG3 just lying around somewhere in the building for loot, unless someone decides to drop it there. In order to acquire it, players will have to look for air drops! And only if your luck is good you will find it in the drop. MG3 features in exclusive drop for all the maps viz Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Livik and Karakin. It may not be useful for the livik map because the map is small and hence a lot of players prefer DP-28 and M416. However, it is very useful and helpful in Erangel. Hearing it from pretty far itself is scary enough!!

Trips and Tricks to use MG3 Light machine

  • Use 990 rpm to destroy vehicles with enemies in it.
  • Go prone so that the recoil is reduced.
  • In close combat, crouch and fire.
  • In close combat, use a smaller scope like a red dot or a holographic sight.

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