Valorant Mobile Release Date, Features

Valorant Mobile Release Date, Features; VALORANT is one of the go-to games for every online video game player and now it has gained 14 million PC players across the globe just after a year of release.

One of the main reasons behind Valorant’s success is its easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-master gameplay approach. Pairing fast and frenetic gunplay with tactical strategizing has proven to be quite helpful for the game.

As fans are only able to play the game on PC, the exciting news for fans has arrived.

Valorant Mobile is Coming Soon!

Yes, you read it right! the game which was only able to play on PC can now be a play on mobile also.

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Valorant Mobile Release Date

The Popular Twitter leaker PlayerIGN noticed something really interesting in April 2020. In the Valorant files even before the PC version fully launch.

The leak suggests that the mobile version of valorant was testing and it is in the process to launch the game by Q3 of 2021. It is suggest that it will release the game in phases for the purpose of testing and the purpose of pre-registration.

Valorant’s executive producer Anna Donlon has said that PC players have nothing to fear about the valorant mobile, as it won’t affect the PC version.

She has also confirmed that there are no plans for the cross-play between the two versions of the game as of now.

You can also pre-register for the game if you want and be the first one to play Valorant Mobile. Not many changes from the Console version are expected in valorant mobile version. So, players shouldn’t face any issues with the console. There might be a new enhanced version on the console we can expect to see in the mobile version.

Valorant Mobile Release Date
Valorant Mobile Release Date Features

Valorant mobile is likely to be a Beta version at first. The development team has mentioned that this is a lengthy process. hence, fans will have to wait for a bit.

We expect to see a whole new competitive scene for Valorant Mobile—revolving around the mobile platform itself. At this point, it’s not weird to suppose that mobile games do have the potential for competitive play. It has a huge reach for people with a mobile, which would then create certain groups that want to take their casual gaming experience to a pro-level of play.

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