BGMI FLORA MENACE Mode Tips and Tricks

BGMI FLORA MENACE Mode Tips and Tricks: after banning PUBG mobile by the Indian government, the gaming company Krafton took over the game development from Tencent. After that, the developers provided some cool & awesome tips and tricks via updates to the game. One of the updates is the Flora Menace theme added to the game. To understand the theme, I am going to share some tips & tricks of this update.

You may have already noticed this after the in-game update. But if you haven’t played a match with Flora Menace theme-based update or maybe you have played already but wonder what is the Flora Menace mode & what is Yarilo? Let’s see in this article how I can help you to learn tips and tricks of the new Alien Invasion Plant- Yarilo.

BGMI FLORA MENACE Mode Tips and Tricks
BGMI FLORA MENACE Mode Tips and Tricks

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Flora Menace: A new theme tips & tricks

Some tips to know about Flora Menace mode:

Here I am sharing so tips & tricks that will help you to know what is this mode-

  • After updating the game, you have noticed a theme-based Classic Mode is there. You might get a Lobby Theme also based on Flora Menace.
  • This alien plant Yarilo came from outer space which occurs after the Mission Ignition theme in Erangel. Flora Menace mode is the sequel of Mission Ignition. The alien plant took all over the high-tech buildings and captured them.
  • Erangel, Miramar & Sanhok– all these 3 maps are captured by this alien plant. So, players can enjoy experiencing this theme in different maps as well.
  • In the game, there is a new temporary coin based on this theme- Nacore. Players can use this coin to get special loots like- Groza, M416, etc. You can also get med items & utilities with the help of the coin.

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BGMI FLORA MENACE Mode Tips and Tricks

Some tricks that will help to play this theme:

Okay, so here are some tips & tricks to play intelligently this mode-

  • There are Rejuvenation Barriers in urban areas of the map that players can increase the HP automatically due to plant Yarilo. Of course, it will start automatically after you exit the last combat with the enemy.
  • There is some kind of alien chambers that looks like a honeycomb that has been introduced in some places on the map. You can get there & start the countdown to go to the main alien spaceship.
  • After going to the main base, there is a mini TDM in which players can play with the real-life enemy or maybe with bots. You can get Nacore coins as well if you defeat those enemies.
  • You will regenerate automatically in the main spaceship if someone defeats you. So no worries about that.
  • After being defeated by enemies 3 times, you will be redirected to the map with a parachute.
  • Then you can order your desired loot with Nacore coins. Some mini-drones will appear to deliver you that loot crate.

Note:- Interesting tip is that you can use those loot create as a cover. So if you are out of cover, use those loot creates in the last zone.

So, these are some important tips & tricks I have shared with you. There are so many updates that came after the update that one article is not enough to cover up all tips and tricks. If you request then we might cover up another article with the tips and tricks that “how you can apply some glitches or bugs in Flora Menace mode during your rank push”. If you are interested to know that please let me know. That is all about Flora Menace- an alien plant Yarilo which appeared in-game as a theme. Hope you like my work then feel free to leave comments & share with your friends. It might help them to understand this event. Thank You.

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