Sensei Tig Top Up in Free Fire | Full Details & Guide

Sensei Tig Top Up in Free Fire : Free Fire, a common game name in the mobile Battle Royale community. The game is now one of the top-grossing games of India. One of the reasons behind the popularity of the game is its little top-ups with diamond currencies. In this way, players can purchase the top-ups & enjoy the game. If you are one of them? Here is good news for you. A new top-up just now released today at 12am- Sensei Tig Top Up. A mighty tiger pet with its custom skins will be the exclusive part of the Sensei Top Up.

Are you interested to know what is this Sensei Tig Top Up? Do you want to know how to get the all rewards of the Top Up? Let’s find out all details about the “Sensei Tig Top-Up” in this article below:-


Sensei Tig Top Up In Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in our country as well as globally also. They attract the players for various cool gun skins and weapons with every weekly update in their game section. And their collection of characters also is varied that’s why it’s all loveable among kids as well as elders. Players get so excited about these cool new gun skins and weapons in every update via bundles or spins in Luck Royale. So we recently noticed a new Top Up has been introduced from tonight at 12am- Sensei Tig Top Up. You guys may wonder? What is so hype? What is new? Well, we have some good news for you. We have got some interesting details about this Top Up which may help you that Should consider investing in this Top Up or just skip it! Let’s see how I can help you.

Sensei Tig Top Up in Free Fire


1st stage of Sensei Tig Top Up

There are 3 stages of the Top-Up. In the first stage, you will get Sensei Tig as your pet. The tagline of the pet is – “Tig is my name, and slick is my game.”. You can get this cool new tiger-themed pet with the Top Up of 100 diamonds.

2nd stage of Sensei Tig Top Up

In the next stage, basically, you will get a pet skin for your Sensei Tig pet. It’s based on a white tiger which is inspired by the cold theme. The name of the pet skin is- Ice Sense. You will get this skin with the Top Up of 300 diamonds.

3rd stage of Sensei Tig Top Up

Lastly, you will get another pet skin & a emote for your Sensei Tig pet. The skin is based on a fire tiger & the name of the emote is- Show Off. You can achieve this item by the Top-Up of 500 diamonds.

This Sensei Tig Top Up event will be there in the game from 22nd September to 28th September 2021. I personally like this pet & its look. Though I personally think the emotes are not worthy of 500 diamond top-ups. But yes you can surely go with the new Sensei Tig pet & show it off to your friends. Good luck with that!

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