Payphone locations in Fortnite season 8

Payphone locations in Fortnite season 8
Payphone locations in Fortnite season 8

Payphone locations in Fortnite Season 8: Fortnite has a distinct quality of turning normal day-to-day objects into important aspects in the game. Be it Cash Registers, Refrigerators, or even Payphones. Therefore, today’s post is going to cover everything about payphones. As you can see in the map above, the tiny orange circles represent the payphone location.


  • Payphone location in Fortnite Season 8.
  • How to locate Payphone location.
  • How to accept the quest from Fortnite Payphones.
  • The reward for Payphone Quest completion.

Following are some locations list to locate payphones in the Fortnite Season 8 map

  • Catty Corner.
  • Misty Meadows.
  • Retail Row.
  • Believer Beach.
  • Pleasant Park
  • Holly Hatchery.
Payphone locations in Fortnite season 8

How to locate Payphones on the map?

It is not that difficult to locate payphones. As soon as you hear a ringing sound, it is safe to say that the desired location is close by. And answering the call will connect you to various Fortnite Characters. You can choose your own character quest.

Payphones are added to the existing pieces of the scenery. Additionally, they are usually attached to the Bus stops and Gas pumps. You can easily spot them at the sides of the roads and they are usually located at the outskirts of popular locations like Catty Corner, Slurry Swamp, Retail Row, etc. Payphones are bright orange units and they will start ringing as soon as you approach them.

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How to accept quests from Payphones?

Accepting a quest from Fortnite Payphone is fairly an easy task. Simply follow the ringing sound of the payphone and then interact with it. All you have to do is hold square. Then you will have to select the character quest from the wheel. Missions will be given to players to complete from the other side of the payphone. Players will have to repeat the same procedure three times to finish the challenge.

Quest Completion Rewards

You can choose any location from the 10+ locations mentioned above. Players will be rewarded with 30000 XP upon completing the missions. Players will receive golden bars on completing these character quests.

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