Fortnite Crew Legacy Set – How To Unlock

Fortnite crew legacy set: Fortnite is one of the topmost game among all computer games. The Fortnite game has always been in demand. The Fortnite game has a very huge quantity of players to play their game.

In this Fortnite game, the developers regularly update their game, add some new skins by collaborating with celebrities, some weapon skins, sets, and many more.

Fortnite crew legacy set
Fortnite crew legacy outfit

Fortnite Crew Legacy Outfit

In this article, we would cover the information about the Fortnite crew legacy set in a very detailed manner. So make sure that you don’t skip any paragraph so that you could acquire information about the Fortnite crew legacy outfit.

The game has come up with a new set that unlocks new styles if you subscribe for longer than one month. This set is the Fortnite crew legacy set.

Protocol pack back bling and zen axe pickaxe are the past of this Fortnite crew legacy outfit but for it, you must have been subscribed to unlock any of these two.

The availability date for the Fortnite crew legacy outfit is 31st august 2021. From onwards this date this set would be available to all the players from this date.

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Unlocks for Fortnite Crew Legacy Set every Month

This sequence would be made available to you when you subscribe for each month

  • For month 1 you get the protocol pack back bling.
  • Month 2 set if you subscribe than it is protocol elite style.
  • For month 3 you would get protocol overdrive style and a zen axe pickaxe.
  • The unlock for month 4 is zen striker style.
  • If you subscribe for the 5th month then you could unlock the zen ultra style.
  • For the 6th month, you can unlock zen assault axe style.
Fortnite crew legacy set

But take note that you don’t need to subscribe continuously every month. If you take a break then it doesn’t mean that you would lose all your previous unlocks. But you need to subscribe within a year for every month.

This Fortnite crew could cost you around $12 for every month. So to unlock the Fortnite crew legacy outfit for every month it could cost you around $ 72 to unlock for each month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is V-bucks?

V-bucks are a currency for the in game purchase. You could purchase the items you want in exchange for v-bucks from the item shop in the Fortnite game. To get v-bucks you have to purchase them with real cash. It could be bought with online payment only like UPI, credit card, debit card, etc.


In this article, we have covered a piece of detailed information on Fortnite crew legacy set it’s every month unlocks, the release date of Fortnite crew legacy set, and faq on v-bucks

We hope that you may have liked our article as we have tried to cover the Fortnite crew legacy outfit in a very detailed way so that you could have all the information you want about the Fortnite crew legacy set in the Fortnite game. We would also provide you more information about the Fortnite game on this website.

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