Wonder Wheel Bundle Free Fire – How To Get

Wonder Wheel Bundle coming to Free Fire: Free Fire provides a new bundle set to the game in every update. And with the upcoming updates developers of Garena doing the same for the game. On 27th September, there is a new bundle coming in the Free Fire. It is named as Wonder Wheel Bundle. This bundle set is already available in other countries. Though it is not available in India and as well as Bangladesh.  But we have got some leaked information and some details about this Wonder Wheel Bundle. What is new about the Wonder Wheel Bundle and what are the items we might see, Let’s find out:-


Wonder Wheel Outfit Free Fire

Free Fire game is currently ruling the battle royal genre of the mobile gaming community. The game provider is Garena who released the game in 2019. Players love this Battle Royale game because of the versatility of the game & its cool-looking skins. So that, developers of Garena provide weekly or monthly patch updates, providing a new Bundle set to the game. One of the new upcoming bundles is the Wonder Wheel Bundle, which may come soon to the game. This Wonder Wheel Bundle is coming on 27 September for India and Bangladesh servers as well. So get set ready to save up your in-game diamond currencies in the Free Fire that you can do the spin of this bundle and try out your luck.


  1. A new Legendary Male bundle set will be introduced as the highest reward of this bundle.
  2. There will be also a Female bundle set you can get through the spin.
  3. There will be also two Weapon Create boxes that you can get.
  4. We can also expect a surfboard in the Wonder Wheel Bundle bundle.
  5. The Booyah Day emote of 2020 may come back.
  6. A head mask will be there as a spin reward.
  7. And there will be various rewards which we are going to check out soon.

Note:- You can get a coupon discount that you can get up to 50% of for 2 spins. So, please choose them wisely.


Wonder Wheel Bundle Free Fire

Free Fire Wonder Wheel Bundle

Surely, the bundle is not that much exciting as per my personal choice. The chances of getting the rare items will be a hard task for some players. And yes after 3-4 rounds, the Wonder Wheel Bundle spin will cost high diamonds for the highest items which may not be possible for some people as well. So if you are out of your budget or if you save your diamond currencies and waiting for some cool bundles, then I can tell you to wait for the upcoming Booyah Day Event or Halloween Event. There will be more things coming to the game. So if you not gonna miss that upcoming updates, stay tuned to us. Thank you.