BGMI – How to Enter Special Zone in Flora Menace

BGMI – Enter Special Zone in Flora Menace: Battleground Mobile India has just introduced Season 2 of Cycle 1. Players who have downloaded the 1.6 updates must have surely witnessed the new additions in the game. Usually, Krafton brings in bigger updates, 1.6 updates however is a smaller one. And yet you can witness some massive changes. The previous season received amazing feedback for the Mission Ignition Mode.

The new 1.6 update both on PUBG and BGMI focuses on the Flora Menace theme. Flora menace mode is exclusively introducing for Erangel from 17th September 2021, for Sanhok from 18th September 2021, and finally for Livik by 22nd September 2021. The week challenge involves a distinctive challenge “Enter special zone in Flora Menace mode”

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  • Background of the mode.
  • How to complete the “Enter Special Zone in Flora Menace mode” mission.

BACKGROUND – The story about this new model revolves around an alien planet called Yarilo. Yarilo has invaded planet Earth. After absorbing energy from the Earth’s core, Yarilo made its base on three random yet major areas of Erangel. It also built Rejuvenation barriers. It is believed that the Rejuvenation barriers have healing powers. However, the Cell matrix is gone out of control and hence players will have to fight with the opponents.

BGMI - Enter Special Zone in Flora Menace
BGMI – Enter Special Zone in Flora Menace

BGMI Enter the Special Zone in Flora Menace Mode

You can do this mission in Erangel. Make sure that before starting your game, your theme is downloaded. Also do not forget to select the mode before match-making. Players can see three green zones on the map. All you have to do is land on any of the closest green zone locations. The green circles or zones are called Rejuvenation Barriers. The Player’s health will be regenerated when not engaged with the opponents. But since the game is new this is one of the hot drops meaning you will spot a lot of enemies here. Regardless of that, your mission will be successful when you make the perfect landing.

Repeat the same procedure 3 times to complete your mission. The location is pretty easy to spot. The mission is so popular that players have already started their online streaming.

Every video game has its own USP. Similarly, BGMI constantly makes changes in their maps to draw more and more players to a certain location. By doing so, BGMI makes the challenge or mission more difficult.

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