Where Is Torin in Fortnite Season 8 ! Complete Details

We are going to look for Torin Monster in Brief. We will also get an idea regarding the Torin Monster Questline in Fortnite. This Season 8 Chapter 2 is introducing the character known as ‘Torin’. This Torin in Fortnite is considered to be a Monster. We will get a brief idea about Torin and Torin Monster Questline in the Article further.

It was great to start Chapter 2 Season 8 with all the events and challenges. This season has brought something new as well as interesting that players are eager for all the events and challenges. We are covering all the details about Torin and Torin Monster Questline.

Location of Torin monster in Fortnite chapter 2 season 8

As we know there are different stages to complete this monster questline in Fortnite. To increase your battle passes and XP you have to complete all the stages of this challenge.

For starting this, you must know the location of the Torin in Fortnite. Players can find Torin in the middle at the accurate center of the map. This location on the map is also familiar as the Aftermath Landmark.

Aftermath landmark is situated exactly at the center of the map. This aftermath landmark is also known as the looted lake.

Stages you have to complete for Torin Monster Research Questline Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

Stage 1

You have to enter the sideways of Torin. As you interact with Torin you will find a Quest to reach into Quests who arrive sideways. You will get 20 gold as a reward for this first stage. But you can start interacting with Torin and enter the Monster Research Questline. Players need to locate and enter the sideways. For instance, the player can complete the second stage of this quest in a completely different match of Fortnite battle royale.

Players can easily enter the sideway which is located between Bony burbs and Believers beach. Probably you can use the raft to enter the sideways.

Stage 2 

Peenya’s 2nd stage use will be going to face a new Monster. This Monster is known as a cube monster. This cube Monster is inside the bubble which will probably attack you also. By finishing the monster, as well as you have to achieve the sideways weapons.

A fortnight has given little surprise in the form of new sideways weapons in the game. Players will find this sideways weapon when they will kill the monster by shooting the monster. All the weapons are inside the bubble only.

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Where Is Torin in Fortnite Season 8
Torin monster in Fortnite Season 8

The weapons are list below which you will find sideways.

  • Sideways Rifle
  • Sideways Minigun
  •  And Sideways Lightblade

Stage -3

As you have collected the sideways weapons you have to attack as well as give the damage to the opponent using the same weapon. For completing the task in an easy way you can step outside the sideways also.


The fourth stage is again related to the cube monster which is located inside the bubble. How where the fourth stage is somewhat the combination of the second and third stages.

You have to enter the bubble hit the monster and collect the sideway weapon. After collecting the sideway weapon, you have to come out of the bubble. In addition, you have to give the damage to the opponent player and re-enter the bubble. When you re-enter the bubble you have to keep eliminating the cube monster.

Stage -5

Last and the few state players have to complete the side with encounter. To complete the Torin Monster research questline is put 9 chapters 2 seasons 8 it is essential to complete this stage.

For completing this stage you have to keep eliminating several cube monsters. To complete the sideways encounter. Keeper notes that while doing all these things stay close to the weapons which are extra. It will be more beneficial if you keep moving around the cube bubble.

In such a way, Fortnite gamers can complete this Torin Monster research questline. It is the easiest way to achieve more metal passes and to unlock various cosmetics.

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