Fortnite Season 8 Challenge Throw Fish into the Water

Fortnite Challenge Throw Fish into the Water: Fortnite always come with some of the interesting challenges and events. This time Fortnite has come up with the new challenge. Currently 8th season of Chapter 2nd is going on as per the fortnite schedule this will end at 5th of December 2021 .This challenge of throwing the fish into water is not that difficult but seems interesting.  If you want to complete this challenge just follow up the article. You will get the brief information regarding this challenge.

The current Chapter of the Fortnite has received massive respect and Success also. The updates in the game always introduce something new and thrilling. Particularly when it comes to weekly challenges Fortnite has never  disappointed the players regarding events or challenges. They keep bringing something unique and fascinating. As we know currently many of us are thinking about Throw a fish back into water challenge. For instance this article is containing all you need.

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Throw a Fish back into Water Challenge in Fortnite

Different kinds of events and challenges are introduced by Fortnite in this Chapter. This various challenges and events help the players to earn Thrilling Rewards. Not only the rewards but also the Extra XP as the players complete the task or Challenge. One of the challenge of Season 8 ask the players to throw Fish back into water. As it is possible that many of us had never tried this kind of Event before. You guys may face some of the difficulties in the same challenge. But no worries as this article will provide all the detailed information considering this challenge.

In the current 8th season, The game has introduced this challenge. As this season was with full of surprises till now. It is possible to be continued with the same amount of thrill. You can earn more rewards for completing the side quests also.

Fortnite Challenge Throw Fish into the Water
Fortnite Challenge Throw Fish into the Water

How to throw a fish back into the water In Fortnite

As we know the challenges in the recent time are revolving around the fishing events. Considering the interface also it is quite confusing type. As the name of event is clearly telling us that we have to throw the fish back into the water. It means we first have to know how to catch the fish. After catching we will throw the fish back into water. The very first thing we will need to find is the fishing rod. As soon as you will pickup the rod considered that you have completed the important step of the challenge. As it is going to accommodate one place of your weapon you have to be careful towards it.

So as you have the fishing rod, You have to do is cat the lure and hold back till the bobber react or move or dip into the water. Still you must know that it is not necessary to find a fish every time. As you get the fish instantly you will be able to spot it in the hotbar. As you will equip it. The fish will become a throwable aspect. So what are you waiting for, Throw this fish into water and get 20,000XP. Thus, You can Complete this challenge.

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