Where to find Banana Yellow in Fortnite Season 8

Find Banana Yellow in Fortnite Season 8: The brand new season of Fortnite has just kicked in! The new season has brought a complete new Battle Pass, exclusively new powerful weapons and a new carnage skin, and a lot of new challenges and quests. One such challenging quest involves the task of finding the banana yellow bottle.

Where can you find the banana yellow bottle?

You can find the Banana Yellow Bottles in Rainbow Rentals. Now, this is the real challenge! Rainbow Rentals is not labeled on the map. This makes the challenge even more interesting! But thanks to Fortnite’s official website, you have been covered!

find Banana Yellow in Fortnite Season 8
find Banana Yellow in Fortnite Season 8

So you have to just land on the location circled above, and look for yellow bottles. These yellow bottles are big enough in size and you can spot them very easily. You will see them floating in the run and their shining yellow light is pretty visible to ignore.

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find Banana Yellow in Fortnite Season 8

Banana Yellow Bottles Location

The last and the main task is to look for the yellow-colored bottles.

  1. Bottle 1:  As shown above your first bottle is on the top of the rock on the beach with sea on one side and Rainbow Rentals on the other.

2. Bottle 2:  Your next bottle is now towards the north of your location in a yellow hut.

3. Bottle 3: Your last bottle is located on top of the mountain. This can be seen towards the north of your current second bottle location.

Challenge completed!- Congratulations! Your challenge is complete. This particular challenge is an excellent opportunity to earn XP and other exciting rewards. Since the season and its challenge is new, you will see a lot of other players trying to complete it. Stay alert due to the enemies. The chances of running into your enemy at this location are pretty high. Overall this particular challenge is not that difficult and you can collect other variants to customize your Toona Fish.

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