Where is The Orchard in Fortnite Season 8

Location Of The Orchard Fortnite Season 8- Maps are considered to be one of the main aspects of video games and when it comes to Fortnite. This is a vast game that offers a huge variety of locations. One such unique location is the Orchard, which is located right outside the pizza pit, southwest of Steamy Stacks and northwest of Steel Farm. The Orchard consists of a farmer’s market, is surround by a lot of trees and small farms. It is not just an Orchard; but also has a farmhouse, a big barn, two small sheds, and a farmer’s market shop.

The Orchard in Fortnite Season 8

The Orchard in Fortnite Season 8

Now we all know that with every new season, Fortnite comes with new challenges and updates, one new challenge is Location domination Season 8 “Apply healing or shields at The Orchard or Shanty Town”

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Why is The Orchard An Important Location in Fortnite

An important location in the new season? This is because of the new update; The Toona Fish Skin, in order to customize this skin according to your wish you will have to collect different colors of a bottle or the rainbow skin across the map.

Land exactly on the location circled below to find the colored bottles.

  1. Bottle 1 Under the house towards the north of the big house.

2. Bottle 2 Above the tractor wagon towards the south of the big house.

3. Bottle 3 Towards the east side of the big house, amongst the trees, above a tragon wagon.

Once you are successful in this task of collecting the colored bottles, you will be able to customize your Toona Fish – PUMPKIN ORANGE

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